Tradesman Insurance is an important Tool

No matter what type of tools you use to carry out your work one of the issues which you need to resolve as quickly as possible is that of your tradesman and contractors insurance.

This is something which a lot of contractors and tradesmen regard as a kind of optional extra but it is really an invaluable type of cover which will protect you in a number of different situations.  Below are just some of  areas that you can protect yourself against with a tailored tradesman insurance business insurance policy.

Getting Sued 

One problem for many contractors is that they are left very open to lawsuits due to the type of work they carry out in other peoples’ properties.  This is one of the top reasons for sorting out tradesman insurance, as any sort of claim against you could prove to be a financial disaster if you are not covered.

Legal cover covers you for any cost associated with legal proceedings and/or any court related costs, while Public Liability insurance cover is available as standard from £1 to £5m with higher limits are available upon request.

Should one of your customers or a member of the public be hurt, or their property become damaged as a result of your negligence, public liability insurance for tradesman and contractors will protect you.

Damage to Your Tools 

If anything happens to your work tools then that is likely to cause you a very serious problem.  Any tradesman who finds himself in this situation faces expenses for getting more tools again, unless you have a tradesman insurance policy with the correct tool cover included.

Equipment Damage Cover covers you for the cost of replacing any damaged, lost or stolen equipment and ensures you can get working as fast as possible should something happen to your tools.

There are a number of reasons for getting specialised tradesman business insurance – it is neither overly expensive nor time consuming.  Once you are covered you can concentrate on doing what you do best, so why not get in touch and see how we can help you with a tailored policy that covers you for all of the essentials?