Viral Video Shows the Importance of Shop Insurance

One of the latest viral videos found on YouTube was the dramatic images of thousands of bottles of wine crashing to the floor. While it makes an impressive sight it is worth considering the huge amount of financial loss that an accident such as this would cause a business.

Shop insurance would help any shop to cover these losses, without the correct insurance however the cost would fall directly on your business.

In the video the viewers watched in awe as the back shelving in the shop gave way causing thousands of bottles of wine to crash onto the floor.

A sea of red covered the flooring in seconds while shocked workers watched wondering what on earth caused the accident. In the end it was shelving which was old suddenly giving away under the weight of the bottles.

Without Shop Insurance The Cost of Repairing Damaging and Replacing Stock Can Be Staggering

Imagine the cost involved in such an accident as the one watched by millions on the popular video website. Not only were there thousands of bottles of wines which need replacing, there is the cost of fixing the shelves which caused the accident in the first place, the cost of having to close the store in order to clean up and replace the shelves, and the additional costs of the clean-up itself.

Shop insurance is able to provide you with some financial protection against accidents such as this. It doesn’t matter how much stock was lost, it could be a few hundred pounds worth of damage or a few thousand. By having the correct type of insurance which includes your stock means that the damage is far more manageable to sort out.

Protect Your Business

You can find the best shop insurance online and it is possible to make sure that accidental damage such as the failing of your fixtures. The policy can include all sorts of problems which were unforeseen such as damage caused by:

  • Flooding
  • Fire
  • Wind and Storms
  • Electrical

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