Tidy Up Your Website and Attract More Business

Business is competitive than ever and having a stand-out website is more important than ever with the need to attract people to your website and convert them into customers.  Below are some ideas that can help you to fine-tune your website.

Less is More

Clean up and remove unnecessary content from your website, including text, images, links and other less interesting items.  We now have to be thinking ‘less is more’ and by making a website visit simple, clear and easy your visitor is more likely to convert into a sale.

The average visitor will spend around 6 seconds per page before moving on to view other content. A cluttered and over-informed website will caused visitors to lose interest and go elsewhere, so make your website easy to read and easy on the eye to avoid this.

Build on Trust

Showing real-time testimonial evidence of past sales will gain the trust of visitors browsing your website.  Testimonial information can show potential buyers what previous customers have purchased from you, their review of the product, and their review of your service.  Having testimonials against products will increase the chances of further sales with 70% of visitors consulting customer testimonials before making a purchase decision.

Get Faster

If your website pages are slow to load then you won’t stand a chance at keeping visitors as they will bounce from your website in the time it takes to load.  Visitors expect websites to load quickly so if you are working ‘slowly’ take a look at some of these small fixes that could go to helping your website pages load faster.

  • Reduce your image sizes within your website pages which will help to load your pages faster.  Take a look at pingdom.com or webpagetest.org to test the performance of your website.  Webtool performance test will help you to see which pages load faster than others, which pages are too big and what are the best practises for fixing the problem.  A performance grading will be given to your website based on google page speed out of a scoring of 100.
  • Use a reliable web host and have plenty of available bandwidth.  Web hosting allows the website to become accessible on the web.  Web hosts are the companies that provide the space on servers to enable the website to work.  There are many website hosts and services available so choose carefully when looking for a provider. How far away is the host from where your domain is managed?  Take a look at websites that show the Top 10 web hosters.


Are you tracking your website customer journey and do you know where you traffic is coming from?  For reporting on your digital marketing  strategy’s and website’s success it is always good to have a tracking tool attached to your website.

Alerts for conversion goals can be set up, you can track campaigns from email marketing, and you can see results from Paid Search.  You will also be able to monitor the good and bad pages with visits, track bounce rates.

Google Analytics will give you a great insight into the behind the scenes of your website traffic, helping you to make decisions based on performance.


Having customer testimonials is one way to gain trust from you customers but you can also provide more signals of trust.  Offering a “no questions asked” full returns 14 or 30 days refund policy is a great way to gain trust, as allowing customers to purchase with the option of returning the product without any risk to them is an attractive prospect.

By implementing some of these changes into a marketing strategy, you will no doubt see a lift in the visitor interaction and reduce bounce rate, increasing conversions on a business website with minimal cost implications.

Let us know if you use one of our tips or speak with our sister company The Media Octopus who can help with all your digital needs including a ‘Website Tidy’ should you need support in getting your website on track.