Welsh Retail Consortium launched

In June 2012 The Welsh Retail Consortium (WRC) was launched to represent the broad spectrum of welsh retailing.  The consortium will represent large multiple retailers, department stores and independents which sell food and non-food products, services on the high street, out of town retailers along with small community and rural shops, and website retailers.

The WRC wishes to work in partnership with the Welsh Assembly and Government to ensure that:

  • The retail sector and it priorities are understood
  • Shops across all of Wales are given the support they need to thrive, invest and serve their communities
  • Retail will be seen as one of Wales’s most dynamic, admired and trusted sectors

The WRC’s sister associations are the British Retail Consortium (BRC), operating in London and Brussels, the Northern Ireland Retail Consortium (NIRC), operating in Belfast, and the Scottish Retail Consortium (SRC), operating in Edinburgh – all representing the whole range of retailers from independent corner shops to large multiples.