What Business Insurance Do Electricians Need?

Electricians Insurance and contractors insurance in general should be considered a vital part of your business expenses, and the type of work and the way your business is set up will ultimately determine exactly what you should include in your business insurance policy. Some elements may be a legal requirement while others provide peace of mind and can help prevent financial ruin, which may occur in the worst case scenarios with over 500 trades. We can compare specialist tradesman and contractors insurance including Electricians Insurance policies with over 20 of the best known UK insurers to get you the best options.
You should ensure that you have the level of cover required by law. Speaking to a specialist consultant at The Business Octopus will ensure you get the insurances your trade typically needs and options you may not have thought of. If you employ others to conduct work for you or alongside you then you will need to take out employers’ liability insurance. This protects you, your business, and those that work for you so if any of your employees get injured or become ill as a result of the work they do or because of your negligence, you will be protected by the policy for financial loss and legal costs.
Public liability insurance may not be a legal requirement for your business but you should give serious consideration to including it as one of the elements of your contractors insurance. If you cause damage or injury to your clients’ property, your clients, or third parties, it is your public liability insurance that will protect you against damages and claims.
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