What Business Insurance Do Plumbers Need?

Every business should review their business insurance cover on a regular basis. Not only can small business insurance provide plumbers with protection against the loss or theft of their property and tools but it can also help to protect against any damage to the property and items belonging to customers and 3rd parties, offer protection should an employee become injured or ill through work, and possibly protect your van or other commercial vehicle on some select policies.

Public Liability Insurance is an important aspect of business insurance for any business. If, during the course of your work, your negligence or actions leads to the injury of a customer or damage to their property, you could find yourself heavily out of pocket. Your business may face the very real possibility of having to close its doors. However, with a Plumbers Insurance policy that covers you, you can protect yourself against this eventuality.

Another important component of small business insurance for plumbers is protection for your property. If you have an office or other commercial property then this needs to be insured and, if you have a van or other work vehicle, then this needs its own insurance policy too which we may be able to cover. It will not be covered by standard vehicle insurance even if it is classified as a standard vehicle for tax purposes. It is best to speak to a qualified advisor. We are a broker and have relationships with over 20 main UK insurers and are fully trained to find the most suitable quotes for your business.

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