What Business Insurance is needed for non profit organisations?

If you run a not-for-profit organisation you will need exactly the same insurance as any other business. Your business insurance policy should include public liability, products liability and possibly professional indemnity if you are giving advice.

When it comes to insurance, volunteers are classed as employees.

As soon as someone is put under the direction or control of somebody in a business world they will be classed as an employee, therefore employer’s liability will be required. If your business has premises you will need building and contents cover if you have stock and equipment.

Call us and let us discuss your business needs as every company has different requirements. We’ll search our panel of top UK insurers to get you the best options.

What is the definition of an employee?

An employee is anyone who comes under the direction or control of another in a business environment to carry out tasks for the business whether full or part time, paid or unpaid, or as a volunteer.