Whether it’s a single, unoccupied one bedroom flat, or a property portfolio that consists of dozens of multi-occupancy residencies, the cost of property and the financial implication of losing rental income means that landlord insurance cover is critical. Renting out properties can prove to be a profitable venture, even in these difficult economic times, but you do need to ensure that your investment is fully and thoroughly protected.

Landlord insurance cover can be tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements. Whether you already have tenants or your property currently lies unoccupied you should ensure it is adequately protected. You have a legal requirement to ensure the safety of your tenants, and if they should become ill or injured and it is considered to be your fault then you will be liable for costs and will have to pay what could amount to hefty legal expenses too.

Property Owners Liability can be included as part of your comprehensive landlord insurance cover. This can protect you against the cost of compensation payments as well as legal costs that you will incur in courts. You could also get cover for buildings, contents and various other risks associated with being a landlord.

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