What is your favourite App?


With technology taking over our lives, it is now all about making our life easier, whether this is in business or everyday life but there could be an App available to help us.  We all need to have a good work life balance.

Over the coming weeks The Business Octopus are going to reviewing many different Apps, from Business, to everyday life, to educational apps for children.  We will feature Apps for many mobile types too from Apple, Samsung, Blackberry as they are all becoming part of any persons life style.  Your mobile phone or tablet is your working life, your everyday life and its at your fingertips.

Whether you are a travelling sales person, work in an office or work from home, we will tell you about some of the Apps that The Business Octopus are recommending as their favorites in business.  We will then look at personal Apps, I am sure we will definitely have a lot of recommendations then!


So before we start to feature our favourites we are looking for you to tell us if you have a favourite app, which phone is it featured, is it a business or personal app. You never know you could be one of our featured guests within our website.