What risks and instances can I insure my business and commercial property against?

You can insure your business against injury or damage to property and business persons with employers, public and product liability to insure your liabilities. You can also cover your commercial property against perils with property damage insurance which covers buildings and contents including stock and machinery. You can also cover goods in transit if delivering, working away from the premises and business interruption.

Business interruption cover

An example of business interruption cover would be if there was a fire and you couldn’t operate in your current premises you would be covered if you had wages and rent to pay. Or if you have to hire temporary premises and equipment this could also be covered through ‘increased cost of working’ cover. Flood cover is included in standard covers and you can also be covered for money loss (theft) and legal expenses which would be beneficial if there was a VAT enquiry, contract dispute or unfair dismissal.

Commercial combined products insurance is a bespoke policy where a mix of insurance relevant to a customer’s business is combined to form a policy that will protect them. All risks insurance can be taken out which covers business property away from home or the business premises. Call on 0161 968 2041 to get hold of one of our consultants who will be able to go into detail with you.