What Should I Include In My Tradesman Insurance?

Regardless of which field you work in or what are you specialise in, there are certain risks that you face as a tradesman or contractor. These different risks mean that tradesman insurance should be tailored specifically to your requirements in order to ensure that you have complete protection.

Public liability insurance should be considered as a core component of your policy but there are many other important elements you may wish to consider. Public Liability Insurance covers you if someone who works for your business injures a member of the public or their property. If the 3rd party claims against your business and are awarded damages, your Public Liability insurance would cover the costs including legal fees that may occur in defending a claim.

Litigation is a growing problem for tradesmen. If your actions lead to injury or damage to property and liability can be proven then you will be expected to pay compensation, legal costs, and expenses. These figures can quickly mount up and leave you in serious financial difficulty, which is where Legal Cover comes in. Taking out this additional covers will cover you for any costs associated with legal proceedings and any court related costs.

Tradesman insurance can also protect against a loss of income. Contractors don’t usually get the same benefits as people that are in full time employment. If you don’t work, then you don’t earn.

In the event of an accident at work, good contractor’s insurance, or tradesman insurance will protect you so that you can concentrate on getting back to good health rather than battling through and making things worse. This comes in the form of Personal Accident cover and will pay you or a member of your staff a weekly amount or lump sum should you or they be injured during the course of employment.

There are many additional covers you can add to your Tradesman Insurance with The Insurance Octopus. Why not call us to to speak to our insurance specialists and discuss your requirements for a tailored quote? Alternatively, you can request a quote online and ensure you’re covered for every eventuality.