What Small Business Insurance Do I Need If I Have Employees?

Small business insurance comes in many shapes and sizes. Some freelancers may only require the bare minimum of coverage while larger businesses, with multiple offices, a fleet of vehicles, and several employees, will require considerably more coverage.

A company insurance policy can include all of the necessary components to protect you against almost any eventuality and there are certain insurance elements, such as Employers’ Liability, that are a legal requirement for some organisations.

To determine whether you require Employers Liability insurance you first need to determine whether you are an employer or not.

Effectively, if you have anyone volunteering or you pay a person’s wages and they are not registered as self-employed with HMRC then you are likely to be an employer, but there are exceptions and circumstances where this may not be the case.

It is best to check. Part-time employees need to be covered as well as full-time employees.

Once you have determined that you are an employer then you will need to arrange Employers’ Liability cover.

This is a legal requirement for all employers in the UK and it should, therefore, be considered a vital facet of your small business insurance package because it protects you and your employees.

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