What Small Business Insurance Is Needed For A Cleaning Company?

Small business cleaners insurance should be included in your business plan and your financial plan.

If you run a cleaning company then there are various types of company insurance that you should consider including in your policy including public liability insurance and protection for your vehicle.

If you employ others to work for you then you will need to take out employer’s liability insurance as well.

Remember that if you purchase employer’s liability insurance you will now need to provide your Employer’s Reference Number (ERN)

When you enter other peoples homes and work with their property, there is a very real chance that you could break items like furniture or ornaments. You may spill cleaning products and damage carpets and other items too.

If an accident of this nature occurs and your customer takes legal action, your small business insurance will protect you if it includes public liability coverage.

If you employ others to work for your cleaning company then you must legally take out Employers’ Liability insurance. This means that if one of your employees gets injured or becomes ill as a result of your negligence, your insurance will pay compensation and cover legal expenses so that you are not left out of pocket as a result.

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