When I own a business, how do I find out what insurances I need and also what do they cover?

By speaking to a broker like ourselves, we can tell you the covers that typically go into a policy and find out what is most suited to your needs.

For example if you are a tradesman you might want to cover your tools with tool insurance and you will also need public liability to cover you in case your product or service injures a member of the public.

You will need Employer’s Liability by law if you employ anyone.

You may also want to have legal costs cover in case of contract disputes for example and we also do various optional extras that are tailored to the needs of your business.

If you’re a landlord, we can discuss appropriate cover for buildings and contents, public and employer’s liability and various relevant additions such as loss of rent option.

Every company is different and has different preferences and requirements so speak to a professional broker like The Insurance Octopus who can compare various policies and insurers to suit your business needs.