Why do I need Landlords Insurance?

There are many risks associated with letting a property and any building is susceptible to damage from natural perils such as fire, flood, storm, and subsidence.  Property owning requires you to invest your time and money and this is why Landlords Business Insurance is important for your financial security, should you property assets suffer from damage.

If you are unable to let your property out because of an insured claim such as flood or fire damage, you are able to protect your income with loss of rent coverage within your Landlords insurance policy.

Landlords Public Liability Insurance or Property Owners Liability Insurance is essential for letting out properties for residential purposes.  As a Landlord you will have a legal responsibility for the safety of your tenants and members of the public that may visit the property.  If a person is injured on your property or grounds, because of negligence on your part then you could be sued for compensation.

Legal bills and compensation payouts associated with these kinds of cases can be very costly.  It is important to protect yourself with public liability insurance.  Public Liability insurance will provide financial support should a court case be brought against you for 3rd party liability as a Landlord.  As part of a Landlords business insurance policy with The Insurance Octopus, public liability is standard.

Protect your assets as a Landlord and get as much information as possible to help you to choose the right business insurance policy for you.  If you would like to speak to one of our Landlords Insurance specialists please do give them a call.