Being a business owner, you will need to have the right insurance package at the right cost for the right insurance cover.  We, at The Insurance Octopus endeavour to put a tailored business insurance package together for your specific business needs.

Whatever your business is, each business will be different and will need different levels of cover.  Below are just some of the additions that you can add to your business insurance policies should it not be a included within your standard policy.

Buildings insurance can provide cover against damage to your business premises or properties.  Damage can be very expensive to correct and could put your business at risk, therefore buildings cover can offer financial protection for structures against risks such as storms, fires, floods, earthquakes and vandalism.

Business Contents insurance cover is another important factor to consider for all business insurance types.  If your business premises were to be damaged, then the contents may well be damaged too.  You would have to replace stock, equipment and business contents.  Tailored cover can provide financial support, and piece of mind should this happen to you.

Personal Accident cover will help with your financials should you be injured whilst working.  The cover will help for a specific period of time that you are unable to work.  This policy cover does carry limitations and policy restrictions.  This can also be used as an employees benefits package for employment.

Business Money covers your business cash whilst on the premises during working hours.  The money has to be kept within a safe whilst on your premises (subject to limits within the Policy)

Legal Expenses cover protects your business should a claim be made against you and you need to pursue or defend your claim.

At The Insurance Octopus our comprehensive cheap business insurance policies are designed to allow you to add, remove, increase or decrease all areas of the policy.  You will be able to tailor your business specific insurance policy  to the essential insurance cover that you will need.