A public liability insurance quote can provide you with access to highly beneficial insurance; insurance that is often deemed a necessity, although this depends on the circumstances and nature of your business.

Just purchasing public liability insurance does not give you an all encompassing insurance package and while it may protect against damage and injuries to members of the public, it will not necessarily protect you or your organisation against such instances caused by wrongful advice or defective workmanship.

A Public Liability insurance quote is designed to protect you and your business in case a member of the public is injured as a result of you going about your business. You can extend a policy so that this includes damage caused by products that you sell—Products Liability—as well.

Make sure that the Public Liability insurance quote that you receive is fully explained to you and any additional extra policy elements that you may need are included in your full insurance policy.

At The Insurance Octopus we can talk you through the elements of the policies we offer and create a bespoke policy to match public liability insurance with other elements you may require.

Public Liability insurance cover will not usually protect you for damage or injury caused by advice that you give; if you need this level of coverage then you should look at Professional Indemnity coverage instead.

Similarly, as you do not need to take any tests to acquire liability coverage, it is no guarantee of your work so you will not usually be covered against damages caused by any defective workmanship. Speak to a specialist to understand what is and what is not covered by the insurance you are purchasing and for information on specific insurance products that are right for your industry.

The Insurance Octopus can help you determine the type and level of company insurance you require.

Call us today for a competitive and personalised public liability insurance quote for your business.