If you are an owner of a business now is the time to be thinking about preparing for the coming winter months.

Will we be needing that snow shovel that we have walked past in many high street shops or will we hopefully have a mild winter and only need de-icer a couple of mornings each week?

Unfortunately, we can only predict what’s going to happen and every year we are caught out and we are not prepared for what greets us, ‘harsh weather conditions and plummeting temperatures’ we all fall victim to.

The Insurance Octopus has put together some winter checks that are quick and easy to do and it could then save you time and money, claiming on your business insurance policy.

Check the plumbing

If the temperature reduces, it can cause water pipes to burst. Leaks can be caused by even a small dent in the pipe so it is best to call a professional to check.

Having a small problem fixed now will be quicker than sorting a major leak in freezing temperatures.

Even a small amount of insulation lagging around pipes may stop them freezing and reduce the risk of a leakage but lagging will not prevent pipes from freezing.

Repair the heating

Before the winter sets in be sure to test the heating to make sure it is in working order.

Your boiler should be checked by a professional engineer that is registered via the Gas Safety Register. If problems are there get the boiler fixed as soon as possible.

Carry out a risk assessment

Make sure that a risk assessment is carried out of your premises as winter can cause many hazards.  Identify any potential health and safety hazards and repair the problem before it gets worse.

Wind, rain and snow can cause tiles on roofs to become loose and fences can be blown down in strong winds so always look round your property with ‘winter’ in mind.

Ground that is uneven is recommended to be leveled with drainage to prevent flooding and prevent hazards when it’s dark. Making sure that there are no obvious ways in which employees could fall and hurt themselves is key.

Winter essentials

Our weather can change very quickly and so making sure you have a couple of winter essential to hand is also good.  Grit for the main outside areas and de-icing salt can also be used to stop car parks becoming an ice rink.

Having safety signs ready would also be advisable to warn visitors and employees should there be icy conditions or wet, slippery floors.

Make sure all business insurance policies are up to date

Check and check again that your business insurance policy is up to date and you are covered for all the requirements of your business. Whether you have contractors or tradesman insurance, office insurance or beauty salon insurance there’s nothing worse than finding you were not covered should an incident occur.

Winter is a hard time of year for many but this is an important piece of paperwork that needs to be had by all businesses.

Keep warm in the winter months, and if you are unsure what cover you have or you need to extend cover contact your current provider or see if The Insurance Octopus can help you!