A commercial insurance quote can vary dramatically from one business to the next and even if two organisations are in the same industry offering the same products, they are likely to have different commercial insurance requirements. As such, the first step to acquiring the best commercial insurance quotation is to consider your specific requirements.

Determine what you need, want, and expect from your commercial insurance given the way your business works to ensure that you enjoy adequate financial protection. If you are not sure you can always talk to an advisor who will be able to talk you through the different options available that suit your trade so you can choose the cover that suits you.

Commercial insurance is all about risk assessment and risk management. It requires that you weigh up the various risks faced by your business and then take out the right commercial insurance cover that is designed to protect against those risks.

Rather than attempting to cover every conceivable eventuality, you should opt for those elements of insurance that relate to dangers that your company really faces. The Insurance Octopus can build you a bespoke insurance quote and compare prices across all of our insurers to give you the best price and cover options.

There are certain insurance elements that will be a legal requirement for you, depending on the type and structure of your organisation. If you have employees then you will need employers liability insurance and certain business types are legally required to have public liability insurance too.

Commercial vehicles must be insured, in the same way as private vehicles must. Ensure you understand your legal requirements before purchasing your commercial insurance.

To discuss the cover you will require please call our consultants for a quote in 10 minutes.