Your Guide To Commercial Combined Insurance

Considering a Commercial Combined Insurance policy, but would like to find out more about it first? Sensible. As a business owner, you need another expense like a whole in the head, and when it comes to your business, every penny counts. In our latest guide, we take you through the ins and outs of this policy – what it is exactly, what it can cover and the benefits of it, as well as the types of businesses that could benefit from it. And if you have any further questions, we’d be happy to help. So without further ado, we’d like to introduce to this insurance policy, and our guide.

What is commercial combined insurance?

Commercial Combined Insurance is business cover in one single policy that comprises a range of key covers – which may include Public Liability, Employers’ Liability, Personal Accident Insurance and Business Interruption, among others. Primarily designed for smaller businesses, such as wholesalers, engineers and manufacturers, this policy provides complete protection, and can be tailored to your personal range of work requirements. 

Offering the convenience of having a single policy to manage various insurance requirements, you can also benefit from one monthly cost, minus any extra liability expenses. With flexibility to remove or add on cover – such as Stock Cover, Professional Indemnity and Warehouse Insurance – your policy can evolve as your business does.

By combining a range of insurance policies under one policy, it also makes the claims process, as well as the renewal process, much easier. A Commercial Combined policy means you only have one policy to deal with, and one renewal date to remember. You don’t want to have to spend long hours administrating various insurance covers and policies for different aspects of your business, and with this cover, you don’t have to.


What does commercial combined insurance cover?

In a single policy, Commercial Combined Insurance from The Insurance Octopus could cover:


  1. Public Liability Insurance: Provides personal cover for legal costs from claims brought against you by members of the public. We will cover you for all sums which you may become legally liable to pay for damages in relation to: accidental bodily injury; accidental damage to property; costs of medical treatment and transportation costs incurred by the NHS; cases in relation to obstruction, trespass, nuisance or interference with air, light, water or way; unlawful detention, imprisonment or arrest in connection with your business, or your ownership of the business’s building.
  2. Employers’ Liability Insurance: A legal requirement if you have any employees, be they full time, part time or temporary. Employers’ Liability will pay damages and associated legal costs in respect of death, disease or illness caused to employees, so that they are taken care of, as are their families. Our Employers’ Liability comes with £10m as standard, ensuring your staff, and your business are covered.
  3. Product Liability: Very useful if you are a distributor or manufacturer of products, providing protection from loss, damage or illness caused by your goods. You could also be liable if the products bear the name of your business or if you’ve repaired or refurbished them. This could include compensation for expensive hospital fees and medical costs even if the case is very severe.
  4. Material Damage Insurance: Protects your business-critical premises, contents and equipment against the threat from sudden or unforeseen events, such as fire, storm or flood. At The Insurance Octopus, Material Damage Insurance is available on a specific contingency basis with the option to include, ‘Accidental Damage’ for: Buildings, including glass breakage; Plant, machinery, trade fixtures (and all other contents); Other specified property; Stock in trade; Tenants’ improvements.
  5. Stock & Contents Cover: In the event of deterioration, putrefaction or contamination of stored goods as specified in your policy, our Stock & Contents insurance will cover you against the cost of replacing the stored goods. In relation to your contents (which may include any related material damage), we can cover: Your building, including glass breakage; Plant, machinery and trade fixtures; Other specified property; Stock in trade; Tenants’ improvements.
  6. Business Interruption Insurance: Provides protection should you need to close your business for any reason, such as due to a flood or fire. We can cover you for: Loss of gross profit or gross revenue and/or increase cost of working following damage to your business premises; Loss of book debts following damage to accounting records at your business premises. Subject to certain limits, extensions can include: contract sites; denial of access; bomb scares; unspecified customers; unspecified suppliers.
  7. Warehouse Insurance: If you own or run a warehouse then this policy can help to protect your premises, stock, equipment and staff as these are key elements to your business continuity. Whether you are storing extra stock for your own business, raw materials, or goods ready for distribution, Warehouse Insurance can protect against a variety of unforeseen events, from property damage to public liability claims.
  8. Loss of Money: This type of insurance policy can cover you against money stolen: While in transit and at contract sites; From a bank night safe; From your premises during business hours; From your premises outside business hours, and while stored in a safe; From your premises outside business hours, and while not stored in a safe; While stored in private dwellings.
  9. Personal Accident Insurance: Provides compensation on an agreed scale, for death or bodily injury, as well as offering cover for: loss of limbs or sight; permanent total disablement; temporary total disablement; temporary partial disablement. Compensation will pay your business a weekly sum of money if you are unable to work following an accident. This can help pay for temporary staff to cover you while you’re resting, or provide current employees with overtime to help meet demand.
  10. Legal Expenses Insurance: At The Insurance Octopus, we can cover legal expenses up to £150,000 under our commercial insurance policy, in relation to any of the following: Employment disputes, compensation awards and service occupancy; Employee Civil Legal Defence; Legal defence; Property protection and bodily injury; Tax protection (e.g. in relation to full or aspect enquiries; Cross Tax Enquiry; Employers compliance; VAT disputes); Statutory licence protection; Contract disputes; Debt recovery; Tenancy disputes.
  11. Engineering Breakdown: Engineering breakdown cover from The Insurance Octopus can provide cover for: Computers, electronic equipment, refrigeration equipment, air conditioning, telecommunications, lifts, machinery, cash registers, boilers, and audio equipment; Repair costs, replacement costs caused by breakdown; Loss of profits caused by a breakdown; Reinstatement of lost data; Temporary repairs or short term hire of equipment costs; Computer breakdown.
  12. Goods in Transit Insurance: Hold ups on the road, accidents and theft are all unfortunate, especially without a suitable policy in place to provide compensation for delayed projects/replacement costs. Goods in Transit insurance can protect your products from any damage, while: In or on any vehicle operated by you; In or on any vehicle operated by hauliers; Travelling by parcel post; Travelling by rail.


Business Combined Insurance could also include Cyber Insurance and All Risks Insurance – which can offer coverage and protection from all risks or perils that could damage your business, contents and personal property unless the risks are excluded specifically in the policy wording. With all policies, this is subject to the specific terms and conditions outlined, and should be checked to ensure you know the exact cover you have.


Which businesses could benefit from commercial combined insurance?

At The Insurance Octopus, we can offer various business types a Commercial Combined policy, and these include everything from manufacturers, wholesalers and warehouse operators, through to construction businesses, technology businesses and distributors.

Along with sports businesses, workshops, importers, warehouses and commercial properties, there are many businesses that could benefit from this type of insurance policy.

Other Examples Of Businesses That Could Benefit:

  • Offices and business administration.
  • Service and repair businesses.
  • Engineering firms.
  • Leisure businesses 
  • Entertainment businesses.

Looking for a Business Combined Insurance policy, but are unsure whether your company is eligible? Why not give The Insurance Octopus a call today on 0161 968 2060 to help determine this, and for your own Commercial Combined Insurance quotes too.


The benefits of commercial combined insurance

Business Combined Insurance offers many benefits, including:

  • Protects companies from various risks including: Public Liability, Product Liability and Loss Of Money, as well as covering you against Business Interruption, Material Damage, Engineering Breakdown and damage to stocks and contents.
  • Commercial combined policies can be tailored to the size of your business, the number of staff, your industry, business operations, and location. They can be as bespoke as your business is, ensuring that all unique aspects are covered.
  • Offers simplicity. Instead of dealing with 10 different companies or 10 different policies, you deal with one company, and one policy. This saves time, hassle and makes your insurance easier to manage.
  • Provides cost savings. It’s often cheaper to combine all your insurance needs into one policy as it often attracts bulk discounts from your insurer. This makes it cheaper than having multiple, individual policies. 

Your Commercial Combined Insurance Questions Answered 

What is a commercial combined insurance policy?

This policy offers businesses a hassle-free approach to insurance, as it can comprise a range of covers within one, and these can include: Public Liability; Employer’s Liability; Product Liability; Stock & Contents Cover; Business Interruption Insurance; Warehouse Insurance; Loss of Money; Material Damage Insurance; Goods in Transit; Cyber Insurance; Legal Expenses; Personal Accident Insurance; Engineering Breakdown; All Risks.

My business has previous claims, can I still take out business combined insurance?

When a commercial insurance policy is put together, your business will be assessed for potential risk on a case by case basis. Having a previous claim on your insurance means that a potential risk caused an incident of some kind, and what brokers and insurers want to know is what was done to reduce the likelihood of that risk happening again. In some cases, if you can show the lesson was learnt and the risk is lower – for example, you’ve installed alarms and CCTV cameras – this may help you avoid any rises in premium.

If I employ staff within my business, is it required by law to have employers liability as part of my insurance policy?

In the UK, it is a legal requirement to have at least £5 million cover to compensate your staff for any injury they may suffer while working for you – whether that be physical or mental. Employers’ Liability will pay damages and associated legal costs in respect of death, disease or illness caused to employees, so that they are taken care of, as are their families.

Our Employers’ Liability comes with £10m as standard.

Why do I need commercial combined insurance?

Without proper coverage, your business could be held liable for all manner of costly compensation – for example, compensation related to Employers Liability, Product Liability and Public Liability. But more than this, Business Combined Insurance can cover your business-critical equipment, stock and contents so that should you suffer from damage, loss or theft, you don’t have to front the bill. Do you think it fair to have to pay for unforeseen circumstances? Could you afford to? With this insurance policy, you can receive cover that can give you peace of mind knowing that your business is protected.

If you have any other questions relating to Commercial Combined Insurance, or any of the other policies we can help you with here at The Insurance Octopus, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.


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