What Is Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance covers your business against any public liability claims made due to public injury, illness, accidental death or property damage to a member of the public. Public liability will cover compensation costs (i.e. award for the injury caused, any loss of earnings incurred by the claimant and for any damage to their personal belongings), legal costs (e.g. court cases, solicitor fees and/or barrister fees) and associated claims costs (i.e. medical examination costs, loss adjusters fees and claims handlers costs).


Public Liability Insurance Examples

To provide greater understanding of public liability insurance, here are some examples of when public liability cover would protect you:

  • A customer trips, falls and breaks a leg on the premises of a shop.
  • A plumber causes a leak due to a burst pipe from not fitting the pipe properly.
  • A roofer drops a slate off a roof and it hits a member of public walking by.
  • A window cleaner drops a ladder on a customer’s car, and damage occurs.


What Are The Benefits Of Public Liability Insurance?


Important Things To Note About Public Liability Insurance:


What happens if I don’t have public liability insurance?

There’s no legal obligation or legal penalty if you’re uninsured, but you may regret it. If a member of the public sues your business and you don’t have public liability insurance, you’ll have to pay for a solicitor yourself. If the financial compensation claims against you are successful, you might have to pay a large settlement and you might even have to cover the legal fees for the person suing you.

Even if you win the case, you could still be left with large legal costs, which can add up quickly. It’s possible to claim back some of these expenses from the person who sued you, but they’re very rarely paid in full.

In other words, it’s always better to have public liability than not.


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