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Need to find your policy documents? Want to make a change to your policy? We’ve answered these questions (and more) below, but if you can’t find the information you are looking for, you can always call our Customer Services Team on 0161 968 2030 or email [email protected].

What will we do if you have a complaint?

Once we receive your complaint by:
Phone: 0161 968 2030
Email: [email protected]
Letter: To the Compliance and Training Manager at 2nd Floor, Marsland House, Marsland Road, Sale, Cheshire M33 3AQ.
One of our consultants will discuss the issue with you and try to resolve it as soon as possible.
If this is not possible your complaint will be referred to the relevant manager who will then investigate the issue and may contact you should they require more information.

Once the investigation is concluded we will provide our findings and suggest a resolution which we hope will answer your complaint.
If you are still not happy with the resolution you may refer your complaint back to us for further consideration, we will then reconsider our position and provide our final response which will be provided by the end of eight weeks from the complaint being made.

If our final response leaves you unsatisfied you have the right to take the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service who will look at the case independently and without any cost to you.

Their contact details are as follows: Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London E14 9SR,, Customer Helpline 0800 023 4567.

Where can I find my policy documents?

Policy documents will be emailed to you after the purchase of your policy. Please check the inbox provided when your policy was purchased for your documents. Please also check any junk or spam folders should you be unable to find them in your inbox. If they are still unavailable please contact us on 0161 968 2030.

What must I do if my circumstances change during the period of insurance?

Should you have any changes to your circumstances which you feel may affect your policy please contact us so we can check with your insurers. This could be something as simple as a change of address or adding a new employee. Our customer services team is available on 0161 968 2030 to help.

Who do I contact to make a claim?

Claims numbers are contained within your policy schedule. Insurers should be notified as early as possible and they will be able to guide you through the claims process. If you are unsure of what to do next please call our customer services team on 0161 968 2030.

Can I have a VAT receipt?

VAT is not applicable to insurance policies, they are subject to Insurance Premium Tax at 12%. Should you require a breakdown of payment for your records, please use the first page of your policy schedule.

Can I renew my policy online?

We are unable to renew policies online at this time. Please call our dedicated renewals team on 0161 968 2044.

Will my policy automatically renew?

Under certain circumstances policies that are paid by direct debit will automatically renew. Should you wish to confirm if your individual policy will do so please contact us on 0161 968 2030.

How can I cancel my policy?

Cancellations are processed over the phone and are subject to the terms of the individual insurers. Please contact our customer services department on 0161 968 2030.

Insurance Jargon Buster and Explanation of Policy Documents

Should you need any help understanding any of the insurance terminology, or would like a more detailed explanation of the different types of policy documents, please head over to our Insurance Jargon Buster where you can find more information.

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Have we let you down?

Mistakes can happen, so if something’s gone wrong then our team are here to help put it right. If you have a query or complaint let us know, we’re here to help!