Bespoke Business Insurance

Specific insurance tailored to your individual trade

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What Is Bespoke Business Insurance?

Whether you run a bakery, manage a bar, fix plumbing for a living, or style hair, we’ve got you covered with a range of business insurance policies – specifically designed with yours in mind. We can source cover for a wide array of businesses – including nail technicians, builders, cake makers and restaurants, as well as source policies for professionals such as IT analysts, consultants, interior designers and various types of entertainers. Through The Insurance Octopus, you can personalise your policy, only paying for the protection you require, from a Feefo Platinum awarded insurance company. With flexible payment methods available too, you get the bespoke business insurance policy that keeps yours supported.

All you need to do is fill in our form, or request a call back, and we’ll take you through the most suitable options. What’s more, if your needs ever change, then we will update your policy too, hassle-free – just let us know the situation. We don’t charge administration fees for mid-term adjustments, either.

What may be included in a bespoke business insurance package?

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Public Liability Insurance

Your clients keep the business operational, and therefore, you’re in charge of their health and safety. With standard cover ranging from £1m to £5m, you can ensure their personal belongings are protected, and accidental injuries are taken care of.

Commercial Combined Insurance awards

Employers’ Liability Insurance

Have staff that are either full time, part time, contractors or volunteers? It’s your legal responsibility to protect them, should they become injured or unwell due to employer negligence.

Commercial Combined Insurance awards

Product Liability Insurance

Especially useful for the businesses that manufacture and sell products – both their own, and from others – this policy ensures any harm or damage done is compensated.

Commercial Combined Insurance awards

Business Interruption insurance

We can help source cover to get your shop, restaurant, office or salon up and running again, should damage occur due to flooding, fires or vandalism. 

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