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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Our most asked questions

  • We’re a small business, why would we ever be targeted?

    Small businesses can be easy prey for cyber criminals due to having fewer defense systems, and procedures in place. We discuss this myth and others in our blog 6 cyber myths for small businesses debunked.

  • How much does cyber insurance cost?

    Cyber insurance costs can vary widely, depending on your businesses turnover, staff levels and other various factors. Read cyber insurance costs for more info.

  • How much cyber cover do I need?

    The level of cover can vary depending on your businesses income, number of devices you use to run your business, number of employees and other factors. Speak to one of our cyber experts to discuss levels of cover that are right for your business.

  • How much does public liability insurance cost?

    The cost of public liability insurance can vary depending on your requirements for cover, including the level of cover you need for your particular workplace. A business should consider the services it provides to third parties and customers as well as the number and severity of potential accidents that could occur based on your occupation. We can provide a tailored quote that is the ideal fit for your business.

  • What limit of cover should I choose?

    The limit of cover you choose for public liability insurance on your business is entirely dependent on how much protection you feel you need against incidents. For a business where third parties or customers are actively within the workplace at all times, then a higher limit of cover should be considered. For businesses that rarely interact with third parties and pose less risk, a lower limit could be a better fit.

  • What kind of claims does public liability insurance cover against?

    If a member of the public suffers damage to their property or injury to their person due to your businesses carelessness, they can claim against you. Public liability insurance protects you against these legal costs, compensation and additional fees that may be incurred by covering your business should an accident or damage occur within your property to a third party. This also applies for third parties harmed when using your services.

  • Is product liability a legal requirement?

    Simply put, product liability isn’t a legal requirement. However, there are very few companies who choose not to protect themselves against this, as costs of paying for damages against products that have caused injury or damaged someone’s possessions can be expensive and problematic. This cover may not be a legal requirement, but it is a financial one for many manufacturers.

  • What level of product liability cover do I need?

    The level of product liability cover you require can depend on a number of factors, from the risk factor involved in the product you’re selling through to the use of the product itself. The maximum possible cover is, of course, the best way to ensure that no matter what happens you will always be covered against fees and damages.

  • Do I need product liability cover?

    Do you manufacture or sell products for the public or other businesses? If you do, then product liability cover is essential for your business to ensure that should any of your products cause harm or injury to a customer or damage to their belongings, you’ll be covered. No matter how airtight your products are, there is always room for error – and product liability insurance protects against this.

  • Do I need buildings insurance if I rent my office?

    Often, leases for commercial properties are very different to those for homes. When signing a lease for a commercial office building, ensure you know whether you’re expected to cover the building insurance on the property. This is often the case with commercial properties, as landlords know buildings insurance can often be bundled with contents insurance.

  • Why do I need office insurance?

    Cover for a commercial office property is essential, especially as a rented space. Anything from break-in and theft through to employee injury or even fire or flood damage can occur in properties such as these. Having full coverage for all the equipment within the office that you own as well as for the maintenance and rebuilding of the property is key to ensuring you face no sudden legal or repair fees that would be hard to cover.

  • What is tenants’ improvement insurance?

    Tenants’ improvement insurance is cover that goes above and beyond the usual building cover available for office type properties. This insurance accounts for any permanent additions or lasting changes that are made to a building by a tenant usually at their own expense. Examples of this would be alterations to wall layouts, the introduction of air conditioning and other physical changes. Tenants’ improvement insurance covers these “improvements” to the building, as they will not be covered by the owner or landlord of the property.

  • Do I need goods in transit cover?

    With Goods in Transit cover in place we’ll be able to cover you if your goods are lost or damaged while in transit. Even if they’re in transit with a third party such as Royal Mail or DPD. A very useful cover for shops to have as their goods may regularly be in transit.

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