Can you get business interruption insurance for COVID-19?

Yes! Coronavirus is a prime example of a scenario where business interruption insurance is an incredibly important policy to have at your disposal. Many businesses have found that they’ve been forced into incredibly restrictive closures that have essentially halted their business from being able to operate, with visitors banned from entering the premises and therefore unable to make a purchase with your company. Whilst the expectation may have been for the government to provide adequate grants during this time, it appears that the best way to keep your business protected is through a solid insurance plan. With the right evidence, you’ll be able to go through the speedy claims process in no time at all, giving you the funds you need to get your organisation back on the right track. The covid pandemic has hit many businesses hard due to the unforeseen nature and longevity of the virus, but it’s never too late to give yourself protection against future contagious diseases which may have the same impact.