What covers usually come as standard with my Hotel Insurance policy?

Employers Liability cover

If you employ anyone outside of your immediate family, including casual workers, part-time employees and temporary staff or trade as a limited company, then the law requires you to have Employers Liability cover for injury or sickness claims from employees to a minimum level of at least £5 million. A  Hotel Insurance policy will look to include this liability cover as standard to prevent you from being fined up to £2,500 for each day you do not have suitable cover in place.

Public Liability cover

Any business which involves contact with customers or other third parties should consider Public Liability cover. If you or your business ends up being responsible for injuring someone or causing damage or destruction to their property, then Public Liability insurance can cover the costs that may arise as a result of someone making a claim against you. As an hotelier, Public Liability is a key aspect of your insurance policy.

Buildings & Contents Insurance

Buildings insurance covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your business premises if they are damaged or destroyed by an unexpected crisis such as fire or flooding. Contents insurance covers the cost of replacing your business’ contents and stock, including landlord’s fixtures and fittings, up to the amount you nominate if they are damaged or stolen, helping your hotel, B&B or guesthouse to stay operational come what may. You can choose to add additional specific types of contents cover to your policy should you wish.

Business Interruption

If something happened to your business leaving you unable to let your rooms for a significant period of time or an unforeseen event interrupted the operations of your business leaving you at risk of losing income, then Business Interruption insurance can help. It helps you to maintain the turnover of your business during the indemnity period following an insured incident so that you can continue trading at your anticipated pre loss trading level until normal business activities are resumed.

Specific policies may include additional covers as standard. To find out more, contact one of our insurance specialists today.

Product Liability

Many businesses take our Products Liability insurance to protect them from legal costs and damages awarded as the result of claims made against them under product liability laws.

If your business supplies products to consumers, you need to make sure that they are safe. Working in the hospitality industry is no exception as you will be supplying most, if not all, of your guests with food and drinks at some point during their stay; not to mention soaps and shampoos in their rooms.

Most of the responsibility for the product will fall on the manufacturer, importer or those businesses that supply own-brand products; including those that change, customise or service the commodities as the modification can affect the safety of the product. Hoteliers, B&B and guesthouse owners have legal responsibility for all the products that they stock and sell.

Anyone who is harmed by an unsafe product that you have sold can place a claim against you. You can be sued by an individual who is injured by or becomes unwell as a result of consuming an unsafe product that you have supplied even if they didn’t buy the product themselves.