Pet Shop Insurance FAQs

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  • Can I insure my pet shop same day?

    Absolutely. All you have to do is pick up the phone, pass us the details and we can have your insurance signed, sealed and ready to go before you’ve even hung up. We can provide a full, personalised quotation based on the exact day to day needs of your business, creating a level of cover that fits you and your shop perfectly. Contact us today to get your shop covered.

  • Why do I need pet shop insurance?

    As a pet shop, you are likely to work with customers on a daily basis in physical premises, and this alone makes you vulnerable to claims and action against you should an accident occur in your workplace to one of your customers. This also applies to employees, for which you should also have cover. Ensuring that, should something happen to your stock, you can afford to replace valuable items is also a requirement for any shop – and insurance can cover you for all these, and more.

  • Can I pay for pet shop insurance monthly?

    We welcome businesses who want to pay monthly for their insurance, and anyone that wishes to do so can pay via direct debit, spreading the payments for your insurance out over the year. If you’re a business that prefers smaller, regular costs instead of one lump sum, this option might be the best fit for your business.

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