Cleaners Insurance FAQs

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  • What are the benefits of treatment cover for cleaners?

    As a cleaner, you likely use a range of chemicals in your work. Many of these chemicals have toxic properties which could, in theory, cause harm or illness to people who are exposed to them. If you feel there is a risk of this happening, and want to be covered in the event that someone sues you for compensation, then having treatment cover will save you from having to pay out compensation from your company’s finances.

  • Do cleaners need legal expenses insurance?

    If there is any kind of incident where someone is injured or property is damaged while you are working, and you wish to contest liability for it, there will be extensive costs associated with the court case. If you don’t have legal expenses insurance, you will have to front the legal costs out of your own pocket, or that of your business, so if you feel there is a risk of legal fees being accrued at any point, you would be well-advised to take out legal expenses insurance.

  • Do cleaners need employer’s liability insurance?

    If you run a cleaning services company, it is a legal requirement for you to have employer’s liability insurance. This will guarantee that you are able to meet the costs of compensation claims from your employees should they become injured or fall ill due to something related to their work. Any company that has at least one employee must have employer’s liability insurance.

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