Demolition Insurance FAQs

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  • Can I protect my tools?

    Yes. All of your tools can be fully protected by our equipment damage cover. This essentially means that if your tools are lost, damaged or stolen, then you will receive the finances and support to replace what has been lost. This is ideal for every type of demolition company, as much of the equipment that is used can be highly expensive and difficult to replace in a short time frame.

  • Do I need public liability insurance?

    As a demolition contractor, public liability insurance is essential to your business. The possibility of accidents whilst working on a demolition project is considerably higher than that of other trades and damage to people or property can be extremely expensive. Public liability insurance cover means that should accidents or damage occur, your business will be protected from any claims made by members of the public involving injury or property damage caused by what you do.

  • How much does insurance for demolition contractors cost?

    The price of demolition contractor insurance is entirely dependent on the type of work that your company will be practicing, the scale of this work, its locations and your workforce. In addition to this, the type of insurance coverage that you will require will cause a noticeable difference in its cost. Demolition contractors tend to have one of the highest risk positions in their trade and a large responsibility. Subcontractors, employees and the public all fall under your responsibility and should be taken into account.

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