Painter & Decorators Insurance FAQs

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Our most asked questions

  • I’ve made a claim on a previous painter decorators policy, can you cover me?

    Yes, speak to our team, we’d be more than happy to discuss your options. Contact us on 0161 968 2041.

  • How quickly can I arrange cover?

    Conveniently, the cover can be arranged on the exact same day of chatting to one of our agents or ordering your insurance online. This is because it is the best way for them to keep food fresh at the moment.

  • How much does insurance for painter and decorators cost?

    Painters and decorators often work closely with clients, spending plenty of time in their properties, homes or spaces. This may mean that public liability insurance needs to be of a higher coverage to ensure the safety of your clients. Painting and decorating tools also tend to be smaller, lighter and easier to steal in comparison to many other construction and home-improvement trades. Because of this, the insurance prices can vary hugely, but they do tend to be on the lower side of the spectrum as it is easier to replace and claim for these problems.

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