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  • How does tool cover work for my trade?

    Even the most careful plumbers can experience damage or loss to their tools. And when misfortune strikes, it can be expensive to change. Tool cover is not a legal requirement, but it ensures that if anything happens to your tools, you’ll be able to regain the equipment that enables you to do your job. Whether your tools have been stolen, damaged, lost or broken, this cover will protect you from the large expenses that may occur when it’s time to replace your tools.

  • Do I need professional indemnity insurance?

    To put it simply, if you will be giving any advice to clients, then professional indemnity insurance is a necessity. Its purpose is to protect you from any losses a client may experience as a direct result of your advice, designs or services. It can also cover any errors in your work, unintended copyright or confidentiality breaches, defamation and libel, loss of goods or loss of money that you own or are responsible for. No matter how well your business operates, these accidents can occur and it’s always best to protect yourself.

  • Is public liability insurance legally required for plumbers?

    Public liability insurance is not actually a legal requirement. However, it’s a necessary cover to have in place as it will ensure that your business is protected financially. It will also make sure that the interests of the public and your clients are protected. To not have public liability insurance can be off-putting to certain clients, as it can mean that you will be unable to cover costs for legal proceedings, repairs or injury should anything happen to you, your clients or a member of the public.

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