Subcontractor Insurance FAQs

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  • Does Public Liability cover everything I need?

    Public liability insurance is the best start point for subcontractors, however, it does not offer everything you will need for your business. Firstly, if you have employees, by law you must have employers’ liability insurance. To not have this puts your staff at risk. In addition to this, there are a number of additional covers that will offer further protection for your business in the event of damage, injury or loss of equipment or tools. All risk insurance and equipment damage cover are recommended for all subcontractors who have staff and multiple tools and equipment.

  • Do I need employers’ liability insurance?

    If you have a team of workers, it’s essential that you have employers’ liability insurance. In fact, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement for any employer who has staff. This will offer them full protection against any accident that may happen whilst working on a subcontractor project. In addition to this, it can help boost your employee happiness and productivity by ensuring that they are safe, cared for and protected.

  • Won’t the main contractor’s insurance cover me?

    Never assume that your insurance will be covered by the main contractor on a project. In almost all cases, subcontractors need to have their own insurance. Public liability insurance is the best starting point to protect and secure your business from risks and hazards that are common to commercial, industrial and residential construction sites. Other insurance options such as third party property damage cover will protect you whilst working with the main contractor.

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