Business Equipment Cover Explained

Business Equipment cover helps to protect those businesses who leave equipment on site overnight, or workers who rely on a bag full of tools and products.

If any of your business’ equipment was stolen or damaged, it can be very costly to replace. It is also worth noting that if you work from a home office, your home insurance doesn’t always cover your equipment if used for business and you may need more extensive cover to be protected.

Damage, loss, destruction or theft can be a major setback for a business. With the right equipment cover in place you can be confident about getting back on track quickly, with minimal disruption to your business activities and operations.

What kind of cover is available under Buildings Equipment?


Property insured

Office and business equipment, including portable electronic equipment, belonging to, or borrowed or leased by you, or your partners, principals, directors or employees, used in connection with the business, referred to in your schedule as ‘Business Equipment’, anywhere within the policy territories or temporarily, elsewhere in the world.


Loss, destruction or accidental damage.


Unauthorised access to any computer or other equipment, component, system or item which processes, stores, transmits or retrieves data.

Virus or similar mechanism

Program code, programming instruction or any set of instructions intentionally constructed with the ability to damage, interfere with or otherwise adversely affect computer programs, data files or operations whether involving self-replication or not.

Specific cover and benefits will differ depending on your insurer and type of business insurance. It is important to check your Policy Summary (Key Facts) and / or Schedule for specific features and exclusions.