Understanding Loss of Money or Cash on Premises Insurance

Even the most secure of businesses can find themselves with money stolen from their premises by violent and forcible means. Any amount of money going missing will be worrying, but losing a few thousand pounds could be a serious inconvenience in the smooth operation of your business, not to mention the potential damage to your property that may arise.

Loss of Money, or Cash on Premises cover, makes it possible to insure yourself against such losses to ensure your financial stability. Levels of cover vary depending on the nature of your business and the policy you choose to take out, but if money should be stolen you can help to get it back and keep your cash flow moving.

What kind of cover is available under Loss of Money or Cash on Premises?

  • Loss of money during business hours
  • Loss of money in a bank night safe
  • Loss of money in a locked safe when closed for business
  • Loss of money in transit
  • Loss of money not in a locked safe when close for business

Speak to your insurance provider to be sure which level of cover you are taking out. For more information, get in touch with our team of insurance specialists.