Personal Accident Cover Explained

Personal Accident cover is designed to pay out if you or an insured person are severely injured or die in an accident. Such an accident could have life changing consequences including an inability to work as a result of injuries sustained, hospitalisation as a result of the accident or permanent disability.

The cover helps to provide policyholders with a financial safety net, and will pay out a tax-free lump sum if you are involved in an accident resulting in some form of permanent disability or identifiable physical injury. If the injury sustained is a temporary, such as a broken leg or arm, Personal Accident will pay a weekly benefit which you will be able to select when you take out a policy.

What kind of cover is available under Personal Accident Cover?

  • If an insured person is killed or suffers a serious permanent injury, a lump sum benefit is payable.
  • An identifiable physical injury which is caused by a sudden, unexpected, specific event occurring at an identifiable time and place during the period of insurance and which results in the death, disablement or permanent total disablement of an insured person.
  • The reasonable expenses incurred in the recruitment process for the replacement of an insured person in connection with an accidental bodily injury.
  • The reasonable expenses incurred in the retraining of an insured person for an alternative occupation in connection with a valid claim for an accidental bodily injury.
  • Personal Accident cover is often added as an extension to your main Public and Employers Liability insurance but can also be purchased as a standalone policy.