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Shop Insurance

Whether you manage a coffee shop, florist, bridal shop or newsagent, we’ve got you covered with our range of Shop Insurance policies. We can create bespoke packages for a variety of retail businesses – including pet shops, tearooms, butchers and bakeries. Therefore, if your business is based in a shop, we’ll ensure you have the right level of cover. With The Insurance Octopus, you get to personalise your policy, only paying for the cover you need, based on expert guidance from a Feefo Platinum awarded company. With flexible payment methods and a supportive team to boot, you get the Shop Insurance policy that keeps yours protected.

You can get a quote in a matter of minutes. Simply fill in our handy form, or request a call back, and we’ll take you through our range of options. If your business needs ever change, then we can update your policy too, hassle-free. At The Insurance Octopus we don’t charge administration fees for mid-term adjustments, ever.

What may be included in a Retail Insurance package?

Commercial Combined Insurance awards

Public Liability Insurance

You’re in charge of the safety and welfare of every single one of your customers. With standard cover ranging from £1m to £5m, we can keep their belongings protected, and any accidental injuries supported.

Commercial Combined Insurance awards

Employers’ Liability Insurance

Should you have staff, contractors or volunteers, it’s a legal requirement to protect them with this policy. If they become unwell or injured while working for you, the policy pays out the compensation, rather than you having to pay out of your own pocket.

Commercial Combined Insurance awards

Inventory Damage Insurance

Could your business survive without its stock? Keep it protected against damage or theft with the right insurance. Your insurers will pay the cost to replace your stock, so your customers will still be able to find everything they need when visiting your shop.

Commercial Combined Insurance awards

Cyber Theft Insurance

Operate online? We can protect your business against hacks, cyber attacks and loss of data, and even cover investigation costs, as well as restoration processes.

Why You Need Shop Insurance

Shop Insurance from The Insurance Octopus can protect your business from stock damage and theft, as well as cyber attacks, personal accidents and public liability. These risks can be detrimental to the smooth running of your shop if they aren’t dealt with in an efficient manner.

You should choose Shop Insurance from The Insurance Octopus because:

  • In one policy we could cover your stock (and take into account seasonal increases), public, product and employer liability and pay for legal expenses too. Along with Online Cover and Cyber Insurance, our policies meet the needs of shops including bakeries, boutiques and bridal shops, as well as florists, newsagents, off-licences and cafes.
  • Should any of your stock or contents be damaged, stolen or destroyed, Shop Insurance can cover the costs, ensuring you can replace them in no time.
  • It can cover the legal costs of hiring solicitors, court cases and compensation, which could otherwise have a lasting damage on your reputation and financials.
  • It shows a duty of care to your customers, staff, local area and members of the public, as well as protecting you should you be caused harm.
  • Life is full of unexpected events, so you know that should one catch you off guard, you have a specialist team of insurers that can get you back on track.

Finally, you should choose The Insurance Octopus because our expertise within the retail space ensures our Shop Insurance quotes are not only competitive, but meet your needs precisely.

Protect your business against:
  • Employer liability
  • Stock & inventory damage
  • Storms, fires, floods, earthquakes and vandalism
  • Business interruption
  • Loss of money
  • Cyber attacks & threats
  • Workplace injuries & accidents

What Types Of Shops Can We Cover?

At The Insurance Octopus, we know that no two shops are ever the same and, therefore, we believe their insurance policies shouldn’t be either. We cover a wide range of shops and retail establishments, including but not limited to:

This list is not exhaustive, so if insurance from us sounds like the ideal proposition, then please contact us today on 0161 968 2060 to discover if we cover your retail establishment and what else makes us a valued insurance partner.

Compare Shop & Retailer Insurance

  • Tailored cover for your business
  • Compare quotes from a range of insurers
  • Guided support & honest recommendations
Women at clothes store

Insurance Quotes for Shops, Stores & Retailers

Providing dedicated protection for retail businesses

We know that as shop owners, you take pride in running your business, and a lot more goes into its operation than simply selling stock. If you’re a florist – you guide customers on the right flowers for the occasion and ensure correct delivery for the ultimate in floral design. If you run a pet shop, you take care of all the animals until they’re sold, ensuring their new owners know all they need to ensure their new furry friends have the best possible life. Bridal shop owners – your knowledge of body shape and fashion can really make or break a bride’s confidence, and your array of dresses can make or break your profit margins. If you deal with food – whether you run a bakery, butchers, fish & chip shop or cafe – your health and safety standards need to be up to code and your recipes need to be delicious to ensure repeat business. With your service level and product offering being paramount to your success, when something impacts these negatively, the ramifications can be explosive. Especially when it comes to bodily injury, food poisoning and cyber attacks, how you respond is important for future success. With the right business insurance policy from The Insurance Octopus, we’ll ensure you’re covered.

With a fantastic reputation within the industry, our award-winning team can provide you with expert guidance and support when it comes to finding the best policy for your retail establishment. Discussing everything from public, product and employers’ liability through to seasonal increases, stock and contents cover, we’ll provide you with a range of Shop Insurance quotes that match your needs and will protect you when required. The claims process is straightforward too, giving you one less thing to worry about should the worst happen. You’re never alone with The Insurance Octopus, and should you need us, work tirelessly to make things better as quickly as possible.

What Is Shop Insurance?

A Shop Insurance policy or Retailer Insurance policy provides comprehensive business cover in one single policy that comprises a range of key covers. Suitable for shops and retail businesses including those looking for Bakery Insurance, Boutique Insurance, Butchers Insurance and Tearoom Insurance, Shop Insurance can also include Florists Insurance, Newsagents Insurance and Pet Shop Insurance. Shop Insurance provides protection for your retail business, and can be created to meet the Shop Insurance needs of your business, and the specific risks your retail business may face.

Retailers choose Shop Insurance policies from The Insurance Octopus because they accommodate for a range of different Shop Insurance risks under one insurance policy. For example, Product Liability Insurance, Public Liability Insurance and Employers’ Liability Insurance can all be included in your Shop Insurance quote, as can Cyber Insurance, Online Cover and Business Interruption Insurance. Combining a range of useful insurance covers under one policy makes the Shop Insurance claims process, as well as the renewal process, far easier. Shop Insurance can also save your retail business time, and due to its tailor-made cover, can be added to, and taken away from, so that your Shop Insurance policy becomes a more worthwhile business expenditure as your shop expands and diversifies.

So whether you’re after Shop Premises Insurance, Loss of Money Insurance, Business Legal Protection Insurance or Contents cover, we can provide this all to you and more within a Retailer Insurance policy or Shop Insurance policy. For your Shop Insurance quote or Retailer Insurance quote, please contact us today on 0161 968 2060.

The Dangers Facing Shops & Retail Premises

We know that it can be pretty exciting being a shop owner or manager – regardless of the shop you run. Whether you’re providing a loving husband with flowers for his partner, a family with a new furry friend or a great dessert at your retail establishment, there’s a sense of joy in the great work that you undoubtedly do. However, we also know that some days are far from joyful, and when the unexpected happens, it’s you that’s left to pick up the pieces. The following are hazards that every shop owner should be aware of, so that you can put steps in place to not only prevent them, but protect you should they occur:

broken bones

Slips & Trips

With the multitude of people walking through your doors every day, the likelihood of both customers and employees alike slipping, tripping or falling is one of your greatest hazards. Typical causes include liquid spills, objects left in the aisles and uneven floors, as well as weather-related dangers in entrances and exits that can leave people with injuries that require hospitalisation.

key and lock


Shops are a big target for burglars, because they know that the continuous flow of customers throughout the day means that the till is being filled up all of the time. However, it’s not just theft that can leave you out of pocket: it’s the associated damage – to windows, fixtures, fittings and your safe, as well as to stock and contents, which may be stolen too.


Inventory Damage

Natural disasters can really take their toll on your premises, stock and contents – affecting your ability to do business. Especially if you deal with food and drink, power outages can result in product losses, especially from those that need to be refrigerated. If you own a bakery, butchers or cafe, then this is likely your worst nightmare.

laptop security

Data Breaches

Digital criminals may target your online shop in various ways: a phishing scam may convince unsuspecting employees or customers to hand over their personal details and payment information. A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack could interfere with the server your website runs on, preventing customers from purchasing items. Hacks into your point-of-sale (PoS) systems limit your ability to trade, especially if clients have no cash on them.

“I thought matters were dealt with in a proper and clear manner. I would definitely ask them to ask them to consider insuring me again. Octopus were much less expensive than my previous insurance broker. I was impressed by the person who dealt with me, he was patient and helpful.”

Richard Whitby, Tradesman

We are rated 4.6/5 by our customers

It’s this feedback that helps us keep on improving our services and options, so drop us a line and tell us what you think.

  • Gold Trusted Service Award - Feefo 2019
  • Gold Trusted Service Award - Feefo 2020
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  • What Is Retail Business Insurance?

    Similar to Business Insurance, Retail Business Insurance is aimed at retailers who are looking to protect their retail business from threats such as theft by employees, inventory damage and Public Liability cases. Retail Business Insurance considers the risks involved with running your high street chain, independent store or boutique, and recommends insurance policies that will keep your retail business safe. For example, the level of Stock cover needed for Fishmongers Shop Insurance, Pet Shop Insurance and Florists Insurance may vary greatly, and dependent on retail space and location, the level of Shop Premises Insurance and Business Interruption Insurance too. If your retail business is located in an area prone to flooding, then you may also want to consider Stock & Contents Insurance, Fixtures & Fittings Insurance and Portable Equipment Insurance – as the value of Retailer Insurance outweighs the costs of replacing and repairing key business functionality. Requesting specific flood cover is also a good idea. Retailer Business Insurance acts as a safety net, giving retailers peace of mind knowing that their retail business is protected as specified in their insurance policy. If you’re looking for Retail Business Insurance that puts your needs first, then we know you’ll find this with The Insurance Octopus.

  • What is Online Retailer Insurance?

    Being an online retailer – or having an online presence as well as physical stores – provides your retail business with many advantages. A wider range of customers. A place to showcase your product offering. A website to link to through social media campaigns. But online retailers still face risks that should be accounted for, and this is where Online Retailer Insurance can help. Online Retailer Insurance can cover you against:

    • Property damage and injuries caused by the products you sell online.
    • Employees who get injured or ill as a result of working for you.
    • Your financial losses if an unexpected insured event stops you trading.
    • Loss of, and accidental damage to, your stock and business equipment.
    • The costs of keeping your business going if you have an accident.

    Online Retailer Insurance can also provide cover for packages that go missing, as well as stolen stock, and if combined with Cyber Insurance, your online shop will be protected from data breaches, hacking and other forms of cyber security risks too.

    With Online Retailer Insurance from The Insurance Octopus, your online shop can function at full force, and resume business activities as quickly as possible.

  • Our Process: Choosing The Right Cover For You

    If the thought of switching insurance policies seems overwhelming, then you’ll love how simple and stress-free we make the process:

    To get a quote, click here. This useful application form only asks for personal details such as your name, company’s name and telephone number, as well as information relating to the type of shop you own, your annual turnover, your trading status, the number of employees and whether you’ve made any claims in the last 3 years.

    You can then request a call back at a specific time, or if you fill in our online quote form, we’ll call you back immediately. We can also create personalised quotes not available online, passing the savings onto you.

    When we’ve taken you through our range of options and you’ve chosen the policy that’s right for you, we’ll carefully process the information you have given us and your cover can start immediately. Your policy documents will be sent via email in most cases within 24 hours of purchasing your insurance.

    When it comes to policy renewal, we’ll contact you again via email and letter 1 month before the policy ends. If you would like to change or update any of the policy’s terms, please let us know and we’ll sort this out for you.

    Easy as pie right? If you’re looking for Shop Insurance from an insurance broker that can offer you competitive quotes, then please contact us today for your free no-obligation quote.

    “An efficient and understanding service. I was pleased with the knowledge the consultant had about my type of business. I was listened to during the quote process and the offer meant that I was able to save money on insurance this year.” – Jacqueline Mitchell

  • How To Make A Claim

    We can’t always control what happens to us, but we can control the impact it has on your business. If you ever need to make a claim on your insurance, we’ll help you get that control back. We make the process simple:

    • Check your insurance policy and ensure that you’re covered for what has happened.
    • Report the incident to your insurer, taking note of dates, times, key facts and details of what has happened. If theft or malicious damage is involved, ensure that you discuss this with the police too.
    • When discussing this with your insurer, having your policy document, receipts for anything stolen or damaged and any information that you feel will help your cause will make the process go far more smoothly.
    • If your claim is unsuccessful, or you run into any issues or areas of concern, then please give our team a call on 0161 968 2030 to discuss this further. We’ll contact your insurer and find out what’s going on, and try our best to remedy the situation.
    • Your insurer will then process the claim as quickly as possible, and all being well you’ll receive your compensation in a matter of days.
  • The Benefits Of Shop Insurance

    Shop Insurance from The Insurance Octopus is there to protect your bakery, boutique, butchers, florists, cafe or tearoom from risks such as inventory damage, theft, data breaches and slips, trips and falls. It only takes one unexpected event to turn your shop on its head, but with Shop Insurance, you can turn things around for the better. It ensures that you, your staff and business can cope with cases of product and public liability, business interruption due to supplier issues, fires or flooding, and any claims regarding your online shop. It may seem like another expense, but consider how much more a compensation claim could cost, especially where ongoing medical costs are concerned. Taking out insurance for your fish & chip shop, newsagents, off-license or pet shop with The Insurance Octopus ensures you have access to underwriters at many leading insurers, and that we can create a personalised policy that meets your budget and needs.

  • Why Choose The Insurance Octopus

    We have extensive experience with a variety of retail businesses, including everything from bakeries, boutiques, bridal shops and butchers to coffee shops, fish & chip shops, florists and newsagents. Along with pet shops, retailers, sandwich shops, off-licences, tearooms and cafes, we know we can find the perfect shop insurance policy for your business.

    We also provide cover for online shops, protecting your business from claims of bodily injury, missing packages and unmet deliveries, along with any claims you need to make in terms of business interruption due to website downtime.

    We are an award-winning team of insurance specialists with over 50 years’ of industry experience, which our clients can’t seem to get enough of. Our reviews, testimonials and feedback showcase our dedication to the cause, and how committed we are to our clients.

    Our bespoke business insurance policies are designed to allow you to simply add, remove, increase or decrease any and all areas of your policy. Your Shop Insurance policy can include all of the cover you need, in one single document.

    There are never any mid term fees or hidden charges within your policy. We’ll go through your policy with you right from the start to ensure that there are no unexpected costs, and that you’re clear on what you’re paying for.

    Keep your contents, stock and business safe with the right policy from The Insurance Octopus.

    “Really helpful advice and a great recommendation to help us find the perfect insurance provider for our business and a great price too. All sorted very efficiently and quickly.” – Bella Figura

  • Case Studies

    A £10,000 case of soiled stock

    Following severe and heavy rain fall a clothing shop discovers that almost half of their stock has been soiled due to rain creeping in via a leak in the roof brought on by the severe weather. The shop has up to £25,000 worth of stock cover in place and is thus adequately insured and can be compensated via their insurance for the damage caused.

    A £25,000 slip at work

    An employee of a perfume shop is involved in a fatal accident at work – having slipped and badly injured their back on an unsigned posted wet floor. The employee commenced legal proceedings against the shop, claiming for the cost of medical treatment, compensation and legal expenses. In this case the Employers liability insurance element of the shop policy would indeed cover the claim, paying out for the costs of treatment, compensation and legal expenses costs brought on as a result of the claim.

Takeaway Insurance

Shop Insurance & Online Retailer Insurance: Things To Know

When it comes to choosing the right Shop Insurance quote or Online Retailer Insurance quote for your business, there are many things to consider. Not all tearooms make the same amount of money. Not all pet shops sell the same stock. You may be a boutique fashion retailer in the centre of town facing extensive competition, but your product offering could vastly differ from those around you. What makes your shop unique is what draws your customers in, and therefore, you deserve a broker that understands this and can provide a policy that accounts for a Shop Insurance claim that comes your way.

You don’t need to settle for a Shop Insurance quote that includes expensive cover you don’t require. You don’t need to fork out thousands for Product Liability claims that weren’t your fault. When it comes to selecting a Shop Insurance quote or Online Retailer Insurance quote, you should feel confident that your insurance policy will provide you with the shop cover you require, so that when you need it the most, you aren’t faced with overwhelming bills, expensive court cases and compensation claims.

With a Shop Insurance policy or Online Retailer Insurance policy from The Insurance Octopus, there’s no hidden fees, unnecessary add ons or upsells that waste your money. With honesty and transparency, we’ll talk you through our range of Shop Insurance quotes and Online Retailer Insurance quotes, ensuring that you’re fully aware of what you’ll be getting for your money, and how the cover benefits you and your business. If this sounds like the kind of insurance company you need, please call us today on 0161 968 2060 or fill in our shop insurance quote form here, and a member of our insurance team will be in touch.

A Quick Guide To Shop Insurance

A Shop Insurance quote and Retail Insurance policy from The Insurance Octopus can provide extensive Shop Insurance coverage for a range of Retail Business Insurance needs. We understand that Shop Insurance, Retail Insurance, Bakery Insurance and Butchers Insurance requires a bespoke approach, as does Florist InsuranceNewsagents Insurance and Tearoom Insurance. Therefore, to ensure you choose the right Shop Insurance policy for you, we provide a rundown of the main types of Shop Insurance policies that you may want as part of your Shop Insurance cover.

  • Shop Employers Liability Insurance

    At The Insurance Octopus we provide £10 million Shop Employers Liability Insurance, providing Shop Insurance cover for bodily injury, mental injury or other insurance claims made against you by employees and part-time employees.

  • Shop Public Liability Insurance

    Public Liability Insurance can protect your shop or retail business from compensation claims of accidental bodily injury, accidental damage to personal belongings, costs of medical treatment and where insured, Shop Insurance cases that involve costs incurred by the NHS should they claim this from your shop or retail business.

  • Shop Product Liability Insurance

    Product Liability Insurance will provide Shop Insurance cover for any harm your customers experience – such as from a faulty toy or tampered food source, which may result in expensive hospital fees, medical costs and Shop Insurance claims.

  • Shop Loss of Money Insurance

    Loss of Money Insurance will provide cover for: money stolen during retail business hours; money stolen while in a bank night safe; money stolen while locked in a safe while your shop or retail business is closed; money stolen while not in a locked safe while closed; and money stolen while in transit.

  • Retailer Business Interruption Insurance

    Business Interruption is a useful Shop Insurance policy that covers the lost profit and revenue as a result of not being able to trade as normal – perhaps due to fire, flooding or vandalism.

  • Retailer Stock Insurance

    Stock Insurance as part of your Retail Insurance quote or Shop Insurance quote can provide compensation should your ingredients, finished products and stock be damaged or stolen. Under Retailer Stock Insurance, we can also cover the business equipment needed to run your shop, including point of sale systems, computer systems and necessary machinery such as ovens and microwaves – when combined with our Contents Insurance cover.

  • Shop Seasonal Increases Insurance

    Seasonal Increases Insurance is great for shops and retailers that see fluctuations throughout the year. Perhaps you sell more toys during the holiday season? Maybe you sell more cake during Easter? Seasonal Increases Insurance will insure these seasonal increases of stock up to the amount allowed by your insurer, so that if anything were to happen to them, you’d be financially covered and compensated.

  • Cyber Insurance

    Cyber Insurance protects your shop or retail business from the financial and reputational costs of data theft, as well as the damages involved with electronic systems being hacked or stolen. Cyber Insurance for shops can cover the costs of the cybercrime – for example, by restoring computer systems, losses related to having to close your shop and any third party damage that relates to GDPR. GDPR claims can go into the millions, so shops and retail businesses would be wise to take out Cyber Insurance.

We can also provide Shop Insurance quotes and Retail Insurance quotes for Personal Accident Insurance, Fixtures & Fittings Insurance and Online Cover, as well as Portable Equipment, Business Legal Protection and acts of Terrorism. Offering Shop Insurance policies – including Bakery Insurance, Florists Insurance, Newsagent Insurance and Pet Shop Insurance, here at The Insurance Octopus, we’ve got your shop covered. Get in touch with us to discuss your new shop insurance quote and retailer insurance policy today.

How To Improve Your Shop’s Security

Considering ways to reduce your insurance premium and up your shop’s security? That’s a great idea, and we suggest using the following guidance to do just that:

  • Integrating a retail security system that takes account of your key entry points, cash desks and floor levels.
  • To prevent shoplifting, install security cameras to monitor your shop floor, and can pass copies of filmed theft to the police if required.
  • To deter intruders from sneaking in through the back of your shop, or breaking in after time of close, alarm systems are always a safe bet.
  • Plan for crowds by creating a shop map – using it to identify entrances, exits and other important spaces. Doing so will help you manage traffic flow, know where to place fixtures and fittings, as well as staff.
  • Having a contingency plan in cases of emergencies, power outages and natural disasters will help you deal with issues in a much more effective way too.

Taking out Shop Insurance with The Insurance Octopus will ensure that you’ll have a team of insurance experts by your side, especially when you need us the most.

Retail & Shop Insurance FAQs

  • What are common food insurance claim types?

    Working in the food industry can be tricky, on top of all the challenges that any business faces, food retailers and suppliers have to think about other types of food insurance claims that are more common than you think. For example:

    • Food becomes unfit for consumption when a fridge or freezer breaks down.
    • A customer unwittingly eats something they are allergic to, but weren’t aware it was an ingredient.
    • Customers develop food poisoning after eating food prepared on your premises.
  • Can you insure the improvements you make to your takeaway shop?

    Yes, if rented, we can insure most improvements that you make with the landlord’s permission to your shop. These improvements can be permanent or temporary, including fixtures, alterations, installations or any other additions that improve the premises. The landlord’s insurance policy won’t pay for the cost to reinstate the improvements as a result of a claim as they belong to you. For example we can help you insure against loss or damage to your improvements if you install a new display, signage or counter.

  • What level of public liability insurance does my takeaway need?

    Public liability insurance effectively protects you should a member of the public be hurt on your premises. So, the level of cover required by your take away depends on various factors. These include the size of your business, the equipment you use and the potential extent of any injury that could be caused resulting in compensation claims when something goes wrong. Complete our online quote today or call our team and we can help you determine the right level for you.

  • What level of indemnity cover do I need for my sandwich bar?

    No two sandwich bars are the same, and neither is the level of insurance cover they require. There are many factors to take into consideration when determining the level of cover you require such as the number of employees you have, the location of your premises, the value of your stock and contents, if you own the building or not and your business hours. Call our team today and we can guide you through the key things you need to think about.

  • Do I need buildings cover if I rent my premises?

    When sourcing your business insurance policy, it is important to consider the building your sandwich shop uses in case anything happens to it. Although it is generally the landlord’s responsibility to have buildings insurance in place, you should check what it covers as you may be responsible for items such as shop fronts and or glass. Don’t worry if you are responsible for insuring some or part of the building under your tenancy agreement because we can add the cover to your policy.

Get In Touch Today

They say time waits for no man, so there’s no time to waste. If you’re in need of Shop Insurance, please contact us today on 0161 968 2060 and our team will be happy to help.

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