Why some guests will still choose your hotel over Airbnb

With the ever-growing popularity of Airbnb, it’s natural to feel anxious when you are a hotel manager or owner. Maybe you fear you will gradually lose business to the Airbnb market? To help put your mind at ease, we’ve put together a guide with the top reasons why people still do – and will continue to – book with hotels and guest houses!

1. Consistency is key

When it comes to a hotel stay, your customers can pretty much guarantee a consistent experience each and every time they visit. Frequent travellers know what to expect when staying at a hotel or guest house, and those who are new to the experience can easily use filters on booking websites to “sort” their choice and read verified reviews. You know when you’re going for the hotel experience that you can expect the same quality each time. With an Airbnb, you cannot as the person who is renting doesn’t have the need to ensure a consistent approach – this can put some travellers off as they would rather know what they are getting.

2. Great for last-minute getaways

Airbnb is a nightmare for those last-minute travellers. Most places fill up in advance and you are left with a very limited choice for short-notice getaways. This is why travellers tend to choose a hotel to stay in when they are thinking of a spontaneous adventure. Not only that, many hotels offer last-minute deals which are even more enticing.

3. A reliable reservation process

When it comes to booking hotels, people want to make sure their choice is guaranteed from the moment they set eyes on it. When you book with a hotel or guest house your booking is confirmed almost immediately in most cases, meaning a guest has their perfect hotel in their grasp. With Airbnb, however, a high percentage of properties require you to “request” your stay there. This can, in some cases, take up to a couple of days and if you are rejected can leave you very disheartened. People prefer to have bookings confirmed immediately and Airbnb is not reliable in this instance.

4. Loyalty discounts and programmes

People love a discount or bargain. With a hotel or guest stay you have the ability to reward loyal customers or entice new ones. Points can be redeemed for upgrades or free nights making travel more luxurious and special or travelling with a family cheaper and more comfortable. With Airbnb, you can’t offer extra luxury or incentive programmes as the property is what it is and nothing more. Travellers love to be rewarded through loyalty schemes and therefore many opt for a hotel stay which offers this.

5. Scare stories

In some countries, Airbnb is illegal and can require eviction – the thought of this puts a lot of travellers off. There can also be inconsistencies when it comes to pricing schemes. On many occasions, travellers have found they have booked a property for a particular price and paid a “deposit”, or they have enquired about booking the property, only to be emailed by the host a few days later explaining the price advertised was an error and the actual cost is 50% more than advertised. This leaves travellers in an awkward position in trying to negotiate out of the deal or being left disappointed or even stranded.

So whilst Airbnb may be growing and it can feel as though they are beginning to dominate the accommodation market, this is certainly not the case and many travellers prefer to stay in a hotel or guest house every time!

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