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Hair & Beauty Insurance

What Is Hair & Beauty Insurance?

Whether you run a nail salon, tanning salon, hairdressers or beauty parlour, we’ve can find you cover from a range of Hair & Beauty insurance packages. We can style policies based on your requirements – including those of spas, massage parlours and makeup technicians. Therefore, if your business is based in beauty, we can protect it no end. Through The Insurance Octopus, you can mix and match your insurance package, paying only for the cover you need, based on support from our friendly team. With flexible payment methods available, and access to multiple insurers, we provide a full service to our clients, because we value the services they provide to theirs.

You’ve got things to do, so let’s get started. For your quote, please fill in our form, or request a call back, and we’ll take you through our range of sourced insurance options. If you ever need a policy update, we’ll sort this, and won’t charge administration fees for mid-term adjustments, either.

What may be included in a Hair & Beauty insurance policy?

Commercial Combined Insurance awards

Public Liability Insurance

Protecting against any harm or damages done to customers or members of the public, paying out up to £5m, or higher, if required.

Commercial Combined Insurance awards

Treatment Risks

You never know the allergies or reactions clients may have, and this policy covers claims that involve injury to them.

Commercial Combined Insurance awards

Property Damage Insurance

From fires, lightning and strikes through to earthquakes, flooding and other such issues, this policy will cover costs of repairs and damages.

Commercial Combined Insurance awards

Employers Liability

Your staff deserve to be treated like royalty too, and we can provide compensation should they become ill or injured on the job.

Specialist Insurance For Hair and Beauty Businesses

Get bespoke and flexible cover for your hair & beauty business arranged today

Having your own hair and beauty salon should be an exciting and rewarding experience, but you need to consider how to protect your business to ensure your financial security in the event of something going wrong. If you own a salon, you need to have a comprehensive insurance policy in place. The Insurance Octopus can research and find Hair and Beauty insurance around your personal needs, with you, your business and the range of services and treatments you offer at the forefront. As a result you will be covered for all eventualities, ensuring you can carry on doing what you do best with the added peace of mind that you are completely covered through The Insurance Octopus.

Hair & Beauty Insurance FAQs

  • Do I need goods in transit cover?

    With Goods in Transit cover in place we’ll be able to cover you if your goods are lost or damaged while in transit. Even if they’re in transit with a third party such as Royal Mail or DPD. A very useful cover for shops to have as their goods may regularly be in transit.

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  • Do I need buildings insurance?

    Do you own your shop premises? If so buildings insurance should be a top consideration. In some instances where you don’t own your shops building you may also be required to have your own buildings insurance policy in place, so it’s worth checking the terms of your lease to find out if that is the case.

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  • Can you provide cover if I have been trained abroad?

    If you don’t have a UK recognised qualification you will need to send translated copies of your certificates to us for approval. However, in the majority of cases, we will require you to complete a UK recognised course in order to provide cover.

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  • What is business interruption cover?

    In the unlikely event that something happens to your business premises, have you considered what impact this may have? Many businesses don’t and then suffer the consequences as a result. Business Interruption insurance covers the loss of income from being unable to trade as a result of insurable claim such as fire, flood, storm amongst others. This could be vital to some businesses dependent upon the length of time they are unable to trade.

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  • Understanding public liability cover for hair & beauty

    Public Liability insurance helps protect hair and beauty related businesses by providing protection against claims for compensation due to injury or damage to property as a result of the actions of yourself or your employees. For example, a customer trips over some loose flooring in your salon and breaks their ankle.

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  • Do I need treatment cover?

    When considering whether to take out treatment risks cover you will want to consider whether the work you carry out could result in you or your employees inadvertently causing damage or harm to the person or item they are working on. Also you’ll want to consider the extent of any compensation claims should something go wrong. With this in mind treatment risks cover is often a highly valuable and critical protection to have in place for anyone working in the hair and beauty industry.

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What Your Hair & Beauty Insurance Policy Includes

The Hair and Beauty insurance policies we find are specially designed and tailored with you in mind to match your exact requirements. For peace of mind, we can help you choose additional covers as and when you need them with the flexibility of being able to add them at any point during the policy year. This is particularly useful if you decide to offer additional treatments and services during the length of your policy.

Public & Product Liability insurance

Public Liability insurance cover is available as standard from £1 to £5m, higher limits are available upon request. Should one of your customers or a member of the public be hurt, or their property become damaged as a result of your negligence, Public Liability insurance for the hair and beauty sector will protect you.

Treatment Risks

Treatment Risks are an extension of your Public Liability policy, and covers you in the event of a claim being made against you if one of your treatments causes an injury to a client.

Employers Liability insurance

Employers Liability insurance cover is mandatory if you have one or more employees. Employers Liability cover comes as standard at £10m and will protect you, as the employer, against claims from your staff should they be hurt when working for you.

Business Contents, Stock & Money cover

Business Contents & Stock cover will include your trade contents, fixtures and fittings, stock, employees and customers’ personal effects. With Business Money cover also available to protect your businesses cash whilst on the premises during working hours.

Types of Hair & Beauty Treatments & Businesses We Source Cover For

As a broker we are able source and compare cover for a wide range of treatments such as: Waxing, nails, hair, Beauty, Piercing, Make-up, Hair removal, Skin treatments, Tanning, Solarium, Piercing, Massages and more. With cover available whether you work from home, own a salon, rent a chair or operate as a mobile operator.

Giving Hair and Beauty Professionals Access to a Comprehensive Range of Insurance Covers

Considered Business Interruption Insurance?

In the unlikely event that something happens to your business premises, have you considered what impact this may have? Many businesses don’t and then suffer the consequences as a result. Business Interruption insurance covers the loss of income from being unable to trade as a result of insurable claim such as fire, flood, or storm damage among others. This could be vital to some businesses dependent upon the length of time they are unable to trade.

The right cover, at the right price

The Insurance Octopus sources and compares quotes from a range of insurers ensuring we deliver the right cover for your business at a price that’s right for you. In addition, we have the ability to bolt on extra covers that you won’t necessarily be able to get from other hair and beauty insurance providers.

Why choose us to find your Hair & Beauty Insurance?

We proudly make buying insurance different and source cover comes with a range of benefits.

Up to £5 million of cover

Claims can be expensive, which is why we source insurance with up to £5 million worth of public liability cover for hair & beauty professionals.

Simple specific cover

To help save you both time and money. We compare prices from a range of different insurers so you don’t have to.

A specialist who knows your industry

We’ll connect you with an agent who specialises in your field. They understand many of the challenges you face, and can truly get to grips with the type of cover you need.

Easy claims process

Accidents can happen, so when something does go wrong you can rest easy knowing our team is on hand to make the claims process as quick and stress free as possible.

No mid term fees, ever

We don’t charge any mid-term fees at all during the life of your policy – so there are no hidden fees following any changes you might need to make.

How Hair and Beauty Insurance Works

Examples of Hair & Beauty Insurance in action

A Bad Case of UV Burns

Following a first time visit to a tanning salon a young lady later suffered from bad burns and blisters due to over-exposure of UV light. This was all due to her being given incorrect information by a new starter at the salon who advised her at the time that the recommended maximum usage was 10 minutes when in fact it was half that at 5 minutes.

As a result of the young lady’s skin being burned so badly hospital treatment was required along with time off work to make a full recovery, which resulted in a loss of wages. Additional training for the staff was required to be provided by the salon but the treatment risk extension of the hair and beauty policy covered the salon for the losses as a result of the compensation claim.

A Case of Property Damage

Whilst working on a clients hair a beautician accidentally knocks over a bottle of hair dye. The fallen bottle causes a spill covering a seating area which also happens to be where another client has left her handbag. The handbag is of significant value (£2,000), with the owner of the handbag thus later seeking compensation to repair or replace the property in question. We source hair and beauty policies that come with Public Liability cover as standard, which provides protection against such claims.

Other Types of Insurance We Can Source

Get Hair and Beauty Insurance Off Your To Do List

Help protect and grow your business with tailor made Hair and Beauty insurance through The Insurance Octopus

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