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What Is Hotel Insurance?

Whether you run a B&B, guesthouse, hotel resort or luxury hotel, we’ve got you protected with our variety of hotel insurance policies. We can tailor packages for a range of hotel businesses – including spa hotels, holiday cottages and business hotels. Therefore, if your business is based in a hotel, we can ensure you have the correct level of cover. With The Insurance Octopus, you get to create your own policy, only paying for the protection you require, based on great guidance from a Feefo Platinum awarded company. With flexible payment methods available,
that truly value your trust in us, you receive so much more than a hotel insurance policy when you choose one through us.

We don’t keep you hanging around, and you can get a quote in no time at all. Just fill in our quote form, request a call back, and one of our insurance experts will take you through our range of options. And should you ever need to update your policy, we won’t ever charge administration fees for mid-term adjustments, simply offering support instead.

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Public Liability Insurance

Accidents happen, but the consequences can mean compensation. Keeping your clientele and their belongings safe, our standard cover starts from £1-£5m.

Commercial Combined Insurance awards

Employers’ Liability Insurance

Your staff are the lifeblood of your hotel, and they deserve a good one. Should they be injured or become unwell due to employer negligence, this cover will cover their needs, and ensure the road to recovery is much easier.

Commercial Combined Insurance awards

Portable Equipment Insurance

From appointment books and laptops through to audio visual equipment and business mobiles, we can provide cover for your portable equipment, and provide replacements should you prefer.

Commercial Combined Insurance awards

Stock Insurance

Seasonality is pretty common, and with cover also available for loss of, or damage to, your stock – ingredients, cleaning supplies and bed sheets for example – your service will always be of the highest standards.

Hotel Hazards & How To Prevent Them

As the owner or manager of a hotel, B&B, guest house or motel, you owe it to your hotel staff, clients and members of the public to provide them with a safe and secure environment. If accidents were to happen at your hotel establishment, you may be held liable, and have to pay out on hotel insurance claims if you aren’t covered for the insured event. Therefore hotel insurance, hotel motel insurance, guest house insurance or B&B insurance is of the utmost importance, as is preventing hazards that typically occur at hotels, such as these:


Manual Handling

50% of all hotel staff injuries are related to manual handling tasks, and involve musculoskeletal type injuries, such as trauma or pain to your back, knees, elbows, muscle tears and contusions (Crams, 2019). The nature of repetitive work in the hotel industry, such as moving kegs, making beds and carrying luggage, can lead to muscle strain directly or over a period of time.

Ways To Lessen Manual Handling Strain:

  • Ensure that your hotel staff undergo a solid induction when they join your hotel which includes both theory, practical and on-the-job training in how to safely carry out their appointed tasks.
  • Think about the work area and organise it in a way that reduces the need for or instances of lifting, moving and carrying stock.
  • Use mechanical aids like keg lifters, hand trolleys, pallet jacks, carts and concierge trolleys.

Slips, Trips & Falls

People spill drinks. Water spills over the swimming pool. People drop things. Accidents happen – whether that’s in the kitchen, back-of-house or as cleaners mop the floors.

Ways To Reduce Slips, Trips & Falls:

  • Ensure all staff wear enclosed, non-slip footwear for their tasks.
  • Clean up spills as soon as is practicable (signpost if the floor is wet).
  • Install good lighting, especially on stairs or pedestrian areas that are uneven, so people can see ahead clearly.

Hazardous Chemicals

Hazardous chemicals are regularly used in hotels, and include oven cleaners, grill cleaners and beer cleaners. They can cause nasty damage, especially if they get in an individual’s eyes.

Ways To Prevent Hazardous Chemical Injuries:

  • Use personal protective equipment when handling or using hazardous chemicals, such as gloves, face masks and long sleeve clothing.
  • Ensure that safety data sheets are available where hazardous chemicals are stored and used, as these provide safety advice and details of the chemical.
  • Store chemicals safely and securely when not in use.

Business Interruption

Having to close your hotel for any period of time is never good for business, especially when it means losses of substantial profits. Many things can cause this closure – damage to property; hindered access to the area – for example due to being within a crime scene; utility breakdown; leaks; loss of licence.

Help reduce the impact of an interruption to your business by buying hotel insurance from our team at The Insurance Octopus.


COVID-19’s impact has been felt across the world, with new safety measures in place to protect life and well-being. In the hospitality industry where contact with strangers is so prevalent, there are a range of safety precautions to follow that can help to minimise the spread of COVID-19, and keep your hotel guests, hotel staff and your business as safe as possible. Guidelines recommended by UKHospitality – a trade association that represents the interests of the UK’s hospitality sector – include:

  • Room service to be left at the door.
  • Minimal lift usage – only for those who cannot take the stairs.
  • Keys and key cards to be disinfected each time a new hotel guest takes possession of it.
  • No handshaking.
  • The removal of hotel buffets and mini bars.
  • Swimming pools and spa access to be limited and booked in advance.
  • Privacy screens set up in hotel gyms to separate hotel guests while exercising.

Along with the removal of queues and crowding in hotel bars and restaurants – for example, through table service – these are just a number of the ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in hotels.

The Businesses That Could Benefit From Hotel Insurance

Our insurance brokers aid hoteliers with a wide range of hotel insurance policies, allowing them to find the most suitable one for their business. We know that the insurance requirements of a B&B owner differ greatly to that of a boutique hotel owner, motel hotel and family hotel owner, and can therefore tailor hotel insurance products based on this.

At The Insurance Octopus, we can offer a range of hotel insurance products, including:

  • Luxury hotel insurance
  • Spa hotel insurance
  • Hotel resort insurance
  • Boutique hotel insurance
  • Business hotel insurance
  • Eco hotel insurance
  • Budget hotel insurance
  • B&B insurance
  • Apartment hotel insurance
  • Holiday cottage insurance
  • Motel insurance
  • Guesthouse insurance
  • Choosing The Right Hotel Insurance For Your Business

    Finding time to find the right hotel insurance policy can be tricky – especially considering the daily activities that keep you and your staff very busy. That’s why at The Insurance Octopus, we make the hotel insurance process as simple and straightforward as possible, providing you with hotel insurance quotes and a hotel insurance policy that will provide your hotel business a suitable level of insurance cover.

    For your hotel insurance quote, please click here. This great call back form asks for key information such as your name, hotel’s name, telephone number and email address, as well as staff numbers, whether you require buildings insurance and if you wish to protect your business against cyber threats and data breaches.

    Once you’ve completed the call back form, we’ll arrange a call with you to learn more about your hotel insurance requirements, and to discuss our range of hotel insurance policies in detail.

    When we’ve taken you through our range of hotel insurance quotes and policies, and you’ve chosen the hotel insurance policy that’s right for your hotel business, we’ll process all of the information you have given us, and cover will start immediately if required. You’ll receive your hotel insurance policy documents via email, and we can send you a physical copy too.

    When it’s time to renew your hotel insurance policy, we’ll contact you again via email and letter 1 month before your hotel insurance policy is set to end. If you would like to change or update your hotel insurance policy, please let us know and we’ll organise this for you before the renewal period begins.

    We keep the hotel insurance quote and hotel insurance policy process as easy and hassle-free as possible. Whether you need hotel insurance, hotel and guest house insurance or hotel motel insurance, then you need The Insurance Octopus, and we recommend you get in touch with us today for your free no-obligation quote.

  • How To Make A Claim

    We can assist with the hotel insurance claims process – answering any and all queries and questions that you have, following the initial discussion with your hotel insurance company. Whether you’re claiming for hotel liability, hotel building insurance, hotel business interruption or another hotel insurance claim, we’ll help you through the hotel insurance claims process, and beyond it.

    If you ever to make a claim on your hotel insurance, hotel motel insurance or hotel and guest house insurance, please follow this process:

    Report the insured event to your insurer using the hotel insurance claims number provided, taking note of key dates, times, important facts and information on what has happened. If something serious has happened, such as theft or malicious damage, please contact the police immediately.

    Next, check your hotel insurance policy and ensure that you’re covered for what has happened.

    When going through the event with your insurer, it’s important that you have your policy document, receipts for anything stolen or damaged and any information that you feel will help explain your hotel insurance case to hand.

    Should your hotel insurance claim be unsuccessful, or if you experience any problems, please call us on 0161 968 2030 to discuss the matter further. We’ll try our best to resolve any issues, though please note that we can’t make any promises about decisions made.

    Your insurer will then process the hotel insurance claim, and you’ll receive your compensation subject to the outcome of the claims case.

  • Hotel Insurance Benefits

    A hotel insurance policy from The Insurance Octopus provides a great level of hotel insurance cover. Providing everything from luxury hotel insurance, spa hotel insurance, boutique hotel insurance and business hotel insurance through to budget hotel insurance, B&B insurance, apartment hotel insurance and motel insurance – our hotel insurance quotes always take your insurance requirements into consideration. Protecting your hotel from risks such as Public Liability, Business Interruption, Product Liability and Employers’ Liability, hotel insurance can also provide comprehensive cover for your building, its contents and equipment. Having the right hotel insurance in place protects you, your hotel staff and your hotel business from expensive claims, and reduces reputational damage too. Choosing an insurance policy from The Insurance Octopus also provides you with access to a leading panel of insurers that will help you to find and select the right level of protection for your hotel business, and ensure you only pay for the hotel insurance that you actually need.

    The Insurance Octopus can help everyone from hoteliers, B&B managers, motel owners and business hotel managers through to boutique hotel owners and high end luxury hotel managers. If you’re in need of a hotel insurance product, we recommend getting in touch with us today for your hotel insurance quote.

  • Why Choose The Octopus Insurance

    We are a reputable insurance provider, providing competitive hotel insurance quotes for a range of hotels needs, including hotel and guest house insurance, Public Liability insurance and hotel property insurance, as well as liability insurance. Whether you’re looking for a hotel insurance policy, cheap hotel insurance or hotel motel insurance, we know that we can provide you with all of this and more, always keeping your needs at the forefront.

    Our hotel insurance clients speak very highly of us – highlighted by our glowing reviews and testimonials. We have received the Feefo Gold trusted service for 6 consecutive years, emphasising our dedication to our clients, our insurance team and the industry wholeheartedly.

    Our bespoke hotel insurance policies are designed for ease of additions, removals, increases or decreases. We can create a hotel insurance policy that only includes the cover you need, minus the insurance costs you don’t.

    We offer flexible hotel insurance payment methods, and there are never any mid term adjustment fees or hidden fees within your policy. We’re honest and open in our approach, and never take our hotel insurance clients for granted. We ensure you know exactly what you are paying for, and how much you’re paying for your hotel insurance policy.

    If you ever need to make a claim against your hotel insurance, we support you through the process as needed. Your hotel insurer will ensure that any hotel liability is dealt with appropriately, effectively, and with The Insurance Octopus by your side.

    We’re in the business of keeping your hotel business protected. Choose The Insurance Octopus for a hotel insurance broker you can trust. To get your free no-obligation hotel insurance quote and hotel insurance policy, please contact us today.

  • Case Study

    Disaster averted for a hotel

    A small hotel faced refunds running into the thousands after flooding substantially damaged their wedding venue. This left the hotel premises out of action for several weeks and meant that several planned weddings had to be cancelled or relocated. Fortunately, the hotel’s flood insurance covered the cost to repair the venue and the business interruption covered the cost of the lost business and helped to ensure that nobody was left out of pocket by the event.

  • How To Attract New Business To Your Hotel

    Want to appeal to a wider demographic? Interested in growing your client base? There are lots of great ways to attract new hotel guests, and these ways include:

    Provide Incentives

    Hotel guests have a wide range of hotel options, sometimes, with little differentiation. Especially for clients looking for budget hotels, B&Bs and spa hotels, your hotel guests need a stronger reason to choose you over your competitors. You may not be the cheapest, but you could offer incentives such as ‘’15% off your first stay’’, ‘’10% off dining’’ or ‘’Nightly entertainment’’.  Incentives are also great for creating a sense of urgency to spur people to book with you before they miss out on a special time-limited offer.

    Build Local Partnerships

    Lots of great opportunities here. Making friends with local business owners is a great way to build partnerships and co-promote each other, and possibly get discounts for future endeavours. By sourcing food locally, offering discounts for local restaurants and tourist attractions, as well as sites such as gyms and yoga studios, potential hotel guests will see that you offer the full package, and should help you find favour in their eyes.

    Market Your Location

    Chances are there are many holiday-makers unsure about whether the city or town in which you are located is the right destination for their holiday. This is why you shouldn’t just be focusing on the amenities your hotel has to offer, but also on location attractions and sightseeing opportunities. Consider what makes your city or town a desirable place to visit, and shout about it on your website and through your social media accounts. Are there any local festivals? Are there any conventions nearby?

    Customer Service: Before, During & After Their Stay

    Answering future guest questions. Providing insight into your hotel, with imagery and information that promotes it. Offering a friendly and supportive atmosphere and service as soon as your hotel guests arrive. Dealing with any issues without blame or hesitation, and offering a complimentary breakfast. After their stay, providing incentives to come back. These are all signs of good customer service, and will do wonders for your hotel.

Don’t leave things to chance when it comes to
your business – get dedicated cover today.

Cover from risks

Everyday risks can also be associated with natural causes which could result in your business temporarily incapable of operating. In these types of situations, your staff could potentially hold you legally accountable which a court of law may also agree. In other situations, you could have suffered serious stock losses as well as a loss of income. At The Insurance Octopus, we cannot stop any of these unfortunate events happening, but we can help you find a business insurance policy that provides the right financial protection for your bed & breakfast establishment.


Letting out rooms on Airbnb?

Airbnb makes it simple to guests for your rooms and if you live at the property whilst letting out rooms short term then we can provide a personalised B & B insurance quote for you.


Why choose The Insurance Octopus for Hospitality Insurance?

We proudly make buying insurance different and our cover comes with a range of benefits.

Up to £5 million of cover

Claims can be expensive, that’s why we offer up to £5 million worth of public liability cover for Tradesmen – with more available upon request.

Fast specific cover

To help save you both time and money. We compare prices from a range of different insurers so you don’t have to.

An expert who knows your industry

We’ll connect you with an agent who is an expert in your field. They understand many of the challenges you face, and can truly get to grips with the type of cover you need.

Easy claims process

Accidents can happen, so when something does go wrong you can rest easy knowing our team is on hand to make the claims process as quick and stress free as possible.

No mid term fees, ever

We don’t charge any mid-term fees at all during the life of your policy – so there are no hidden fees following any changes you might need to make.

How it works

Examples of B & B Insurance in action

That sinking feeling

The owners of a small bed and breakfast feared the worst after multiple guests were taken down with food poisoning one morning. Things looked very bad after several of their former guests took legal action against them. Fortunately, even though the case did not find in their favour, they had Product liability insurance, which covered the liability they had for the incident that had taken place. This covered the cost of the settlement following the conclusion of the action.

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