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What is pub insurance?

Specialist insurance tailor made for pubs

Pub insurance is designed to offer a variety of insurance covers tailor made to pubs, and public houses. At The Insurance Octopus, we understand that no two pubs are alike. You may be a late operating pub open well into the early hours of the morning, or you may be a family pub with a focus on food. Whatever type of pub you might be, we can arrange a comprehensive policy to put you at ease.

Being a publican, you won’t want to worry about the possible loss, damage or theft from your pub, or have to face any expensive claims as a result of an employee or customer being injured within your premises. You’ll rightfully understand that working as the licensed trade business that you’ll be exposed to certain risks. Exposing people to alcohol can at times have unpredictable results. Our pub insurance experts are therefore on hand to help build a policy that takes care of the risks your licensed business faces.



What your pub insurance policy includes



Public Liability insurance
Public Liability cover protects your pub if one of your customers is injured, or their property is damaged. This protects you against the cost of repairs or any legal proceedings that may be filed against you. Standard levels of cover are available from £1m to £5m, with additional levels of cover available upon request subject to terms and conditions.

Product Liability insurance for public houses
As a pub you most certainly serve alcohol and perhaps even food. So you’ll more than likely wish to ensure you have adequate levels of product liability cover should any of your products harm or injure your customers – with cover available up to £5m

Employers Liability insurance for pubs
If your pub has one or more employees then employer’s liability insurance is mandatory for your business. This is set at a standard £10m and will protect you as the employer against claims from your staff should they be injured on duty.

Contents cover
Contents cover can protect your pubs valuable contents and stock.

Loss of Licence cover
Loss of Licence covers you for loss of your licence due to a circumstance outside of your control.

Add on covers:

Business Interruption, Cash on Premises, Personal Assault or Employee Assault, and Legal Expenses can all be added on and increased or decreased as required; making sure your pub insurance matches your needs. The Insurance Octopus can also insure the pub building giving you complete cover and peace of mind – get in touch for more information.



Arranging insurance for your Pub is easy



Our insurance for pubs has been designed to allow you to add, remove, increase or decrease all areas of your insurance policy, with no midterm fees payable. With the help of our experts, you can put together a bespoke pub insurance policy to the way you want it; all the essential cover you will need in one business insurance policy.

With cover available to protect you from certain risks such as:

• Assaults on your staff

• Theft within your business premises

• Food poisoning

• Staff injuries during work

Dedicated Insurance designed to protect your Pub

& Licensed business premises from a wide array of risks.

Quick quality cover

Get quick quality cover all in one policy. While we can’t stop unfortunate events such as fires and theft from happening, we can help you find a business insurance policy that provides the right financial protection for your public house.

Pub insurance claims

If the worst happens and you need to claim on your pub insurance policy, then The Insurance Octopus are on hand to help. We will put you in touch with your insurer and look to assist you with your claim wherever possible, to get you and your pub back on your feet.

Why choose The Insurance Octopus for Pub Insurance?

We proudly make buying insurance different and our cover comes with a range of benefits.

Up to £5 million of cover

Claims can be expensive, that’s why we offer up to £5 million worth of public liability cover for pubs. With more available upon request.

Fast specific cover

To help save you both time and money. We compare prices from a range of different insurers so you don’t have to.

An expert who knows your industry

We'll connect you with an agent who is an expert in your field. They understand many of the challenges you face, and can truly get to grips with the type of cover you need.

Easy claims process

Accidents can happen, so when something does go wrong you can rest easy knowing our team is on hand to make the claims process as quick and stress free as possible.

Octopus customer rewards

We pride ourselves on the value we offer our customers, and with Octopus Customer rewards we give our customers a few additional benefits to their insurance such as discounts and offers to save them money.

No mid term fees, ever

We don’t charge any mid-term fees at all during the life of your policy – so there are no hidden fees following any changes you might need to make.

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Pub Insurance FAQ's

Get the answers you're looking for

How much should pub insurance cost?

We know that every pub is different, which is why our insurance allows you to tailor your cover to suit your exact needs. Our expert pub insurance team will ensure you have a business insurance policy which is competitively priced yet offers comprehensive cover. We understand that pubs face a variety of risks, so will work hard to arrange a cost-effective policy.

How much should pub insurance cost?

Can you cover me if I lose my licence?

If you lose your licence to sell alcohol due to a circumstance outside of your control, our loss of licence cover will provide you with adequate protection. As licensing laws become more detailed it can result in increased risks for pubs, which could end in a licence being revoked. It is possible to take out insurance which will cover your business against losses from the revocation of a licence.

Can you cover me if I lose my licence?

How can I protect my pubs stock?

If you are looking to protect your pub from loss of stock due to damage or theft, contents cover policy is ideal. Every pub owner knows how important stock is to trading successfully. Without it, your business will likely suffer a large loss in profits. In an event such as a flood or fire your insurance policy will make it possible for you to replace your stock along with covering any damaged contents.

How can I protect my pubs stock?

How pub insurance works

Examples of Pub Insurance in action

A nasty taste

A pub faced action from food standards authorities after many diners suffered from food poisoning following a Christmas Day meal. It later transpired that the kitchen staff had not handled food correctly and had also falsified records to avoid detection. Although the rogue staff was responsible, the company still faced substantial payouts over the incident. The product liability insurance that was already in place covered what would otherwise have been a very large payout that could have easily led to the closure of the business.

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