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  • We’re a small business, why would we ever be targeted?

    Small businesses can be easy prey for cyber criminals due to having fewer defense systems, and procedures in place. We discuss this myth and others in our blog 6 cyber myths for small businesses debunked.

  • How much does cyber insurance cost?

    Cyber insurance costs can vary widely, depending on your businesses turnover, staff levels and other various factors. Read cyber insurance costs for more info.

  • How much cyber cover do I need?

    The level of cover can vary depending on your businesses income, number of devices you use to run your business, number of employees and other factors. Speak to one of our cyber experts to discuss levels of cover that are right for your business.

  • How much does public liability insurance cost?

    The cost of public liability insurance can vary depending on your requirements for cover, including the level of cover you need for your particular workplace. A business should consider the services it provides to third parties and customers as well as the number and severity of potential accidents that could occur based on your occupation. We can provide a tailored quote that is the ideal fit for your business.

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