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  • What are common food insurance claim types?

    Working in the food industry can be tricky, on top of all the challenges that any business faces, food retailers and suppliers have to think about other types of food insurance claims that are more common than you think. For example:

    • Food becomes unfit for consumption when a fridge or freezer breaks down.
    • A customer unwittingly eats something they are allergic to, but weren’t aware it was an ingredient.
    • Customers develop food poisoning after eating food prepared on your premises.
  • Can you insure the improvements you make to your takeaway shop?

    Yes, if rented, we can insure most improvements that you make with the landlord’s permission to your shop. These improvements can be permanent or temporary, including fixtures, alterations, installations or any other additions that improve the premises. The landlord’s insurance policy won’t pay for the cost to reinstate the improvements as a result of a claim as they belong to you. For example we can help you insure against loss or damage to your improvements if you install a new display, signage or counter.

  • What level of public liability insurance does my takeaway need?

    Public liability insurance effectively protects you should a member of the public be hurt on your premises. So, the level of cover required by your take away depends on various factors. These include the size of your business, the equipment you use and the potential extent of any injury that could be caused resulting in compensation claims when something goes wrong. Complete our online quote today or call our team and we can help you determine the right level for you.

  • What level of indemnity cover do I need for my sandwich bar?

    No two sandwich bars are the same, and neither is the level of insurance cover they require. There are many factors to take into consideration when determining the level of cover you require such as the number of employees you have, the location of your premises, the value of your stock and contents, if you own the building or not and your business hours. Call our team today and we can guide you through the key things you need to think about.

  • Do I need buildings cover if I rent my premises?

    When sourcing your business insurance policy, it is important to consider the building your sandwich shop uses in case anything happens to it. Although it is generally the landlord’s responsibility to have buildings insurance in place, you should check what it covers as you may be responsible for items such as shop fronts and or glass. Don’t worry if you are responsible for insuring some or part of the building under your tenancy agreement because we can add the cover to your policy.

  • How much does sandwich bar insurance cost?

    The cost of sandwich bar insurance depends on the levels of indemnity you require, which in turn depends on various different factors. One of the Insurance Octopus specialist insurance team will help you choose the right insurance package that suits your business needs. They will then compare quotes from our panel of leading UK insurance providers to make sure that you get a bespoke policy tailored to you, at the best price possible.

  • Can I insure my pet shop same day?

    Absolutely. All you have to do is pick up the phone, pass us the details and we can have your insurance signed, sealed and ready to go before you’ve even hung up. We can provide a full, personalised quotation based on the exact day to day needs of your business, creating a level of cover that fits you and your shop perfectly. Contact us today to get your shop covered.

  • Why do I need pet shop insurance?

    As a pet shop, you are likely to work with customers on a daily basis in physical premises, and this alone makes you vulnerable to claims and action against you should an accident occur in your workplace to one of your customers. This also applies to employees, for which you should also have cover. Ensuring that, should something happen to your stock, you can afford to replace valuable items is also a requirement for any shop – and insurance can cover you for all these, and more.

  • Can I pay for pet shop insurance monthly?

    We welcome businesses who want to pay monthly for their insurance, and anyone that wishes to do so can pay via direct debit, spreading the payments for your insurance out over the year. If you’re a business that prefers smaller, regular costs instead of one lump sum, this option might be the best fit for your business.

  • How does money cover for deli’s work?

    Delis and other small businesses which have to handle large amounts of cash on a daily basis may want to insure against the theft or loss of that money. Money insurance will help you in the event that your cash goes missing or is stolen. You can be covered if this happens at your premises, while in transit or even at a third party location such as the bank’s overnight safe. Call our team today and we will help you select the right level of cover for your business.

  • Does my deli need employers liability cover?

    Yes if you employ staff. Our delicatessen insurance policy includes employer’s liability insurance under a standard cover of £10 million because it is a legal requirement if you employ staff (regardless of whether they are permanent or temporary). This is because as an employer, it is your responsibility by law to ensure that you have provided a safe and secure working environment for your employees.

  • Can I compare deli insurance quotes?

    Yes. Getting the right bespoke insurance policy tailored to your deli is essential. So, one of our dedicated consultants will discuss your business requirements with you and comparing quotes from our panel of leading UK insurance providers. This will ensure that you get a policy with the cover you want and need at the right price.

  • What should I do if my circumstances change during the period of insurance?

    Should you need to cover additional stock, new equipment or another circumstance changes that doesn’t currently feature on your policy, then please contact us as soon as possible so that we can check this with your insurers. Omitting key facts could mean the difference between receiving compensation and not, so ensure that you update us whenever a business update happens. If you’re ever unsure, speaking to a member of our customer services team can help, and you can reach them on 0161 968 2030.

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