Tradesman Insurance FAQs

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  • What height can you cover me for?

    Our insurance can cover a range of heights, and we will tailor make insurance plans to suit your company and its needs. Whether you’re working on a commercial skyscraper or a terraced house, you can be certain that we’ll find the right cover for you. The simplest way to find out whether we can cover your height is to give one of our expert agents a call today.

  • Do window cleaners need public liability cover?

    Public liability cover is not legally required, but is necessary for window cleaners to ensure that your staff, business, clients and the public are protected from harm. Window cleaners tend to work in locations that may have high footfall, or are likely to have direct contact with the general public. Because of this, public liability cover is ideal to have as it will ensure that any damage caused will be financially covered.

  • What should you do when a customer has asked for proof of insurance?

    This is most common when working with commercial clients, and a proof of insurance can help you secure a new client or fight off competition. If a customer asks for proof of your insurance, this can simply be done by showing them your COI (certificate of insurance). You will receive this documentation with all our insurance policies.

  • Can I include other trades with my cover?

    If your company covers a number of areas within the construction industry, we can create tailor-made insurance plans that cover every trade in your field. We have plenty of add-ons and alternate insurance options to help give companies the fullest protection possible. If you decide that you would like more than tree surgeon insurance, make sure to give one of our highly qualified agents a call today, and find out how we can create the best insurance plan for your business.

  • How high can I work and still be covered?

    From 15ft to 50ft or more, you can be assured that you will be fully protected at whatever height you work at. Our tree surgeon insurance can be tailor-made to suit you and your business’s needs, no matter your location, project or purpose. In addition to insurance essentials such as public liability insurance or employer liability cover, we also have a range of insurance add-ons that will give you complete protection that will suit your exact needs.

  • What level of cover do I need?

    With heavy duty equipment varying from chainsaws to hedge or tree trimmers and constantly working at great heights, it’s important for tree surgeons to have high-level insurance cover. This means that your clients, employees, equipment and the public will be safe and protected in every scenario. And when you’re working in an array of locations that are more unusual than the standard 9-5, it’s likely that your chance of hazards or risks whilst working are much higher than the norm.

  • Does Public Liability cover everything I need?

    Public liability insurance is the best start point for subcontractors, however, it does not offer everything you will need for your business. Firstly, if you have employees, by law you must have employers’ liability insurance. To not have this puts your staff at risk. In addition to this, there are a number of additional covers that will offer further protection for your business in the event of damage, injury or loss of equipment or tools. All risk insurance and equipment damage cover are recommended for all subcontractors who have staff and multiple tools and equipment.

  • Do I need employers’ liability insurance?

    If you have a team of workers, it’s essential that you have employers’ liability insurance. In fact, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement for any employer who has staff. This will offer them full protection against any accident that may happen whilst working on a subcontractor project. In addition to this, it can help boost your employee happiness and productivity by ensuring that they are safe, cared for and protected.

  • Won’t the main contractor’s insurance cover me?

    Never assume that your insurance will be covered by the main contractor on a project. In almost all cases, subcontractors need to have their own insurance. Public liability insurance is the best starting point to protect and secure your business from risks and hazards that are common to commercial, industrial and residential construction sites. Other insurance options such as third party property damage cover will protect you whilst working with the main contractor.

  • Can you include general building work in your scaffolders insurance?

    Scaffolders insurance will not cover you for general building work and it is not recommended that you do normal building work without the correct insurance. By doing so, you will cause unnecessary risk to you and your business. However, we have a wide range of unique scaffolders insurance options that can be tailor-made to be inclusive of general building work. If you’d like to be covered for more than scaffolding, discuss your plan and the work that you do, with one of our agents today.

  • Can you offer scaffolders insurance for work on commercial and industrial properties?

    Our scaffolders insurance can be tailored to work on either residential, commercial and industrial properties, or on all of these property types. The best way to decide which insurance coverage is best for you and your business, is to give us a call today and chat to one of our friendly team members. There is also the option to change your insurance policy if you business takes on new types of clientele and property types. This is an ideal option for start-ups or budding businesses.

  • Do I need personal accident cover?

    Personal accident cover is recommended to anyone working in a construction role. For a scaffolder, it’s especially important as working with heat, height and sharp tools puts you at a higher risk of injury or accident. Personal accident cover can also benefit potential clients, as it gives them peace of mind that you will be protected when working on their projects. This shows that you are a professional and can be trusted in your field.

  • Do I need personal accident & sickness insurance?

    While not a legal requirement personal accident and sickness insurance will help you in the event of an accident by paying a weekly cash benefit if you’re unable to work temporarily from an injury, as well as a lump-sum payment if you’re rendered unable to work on a permanent basis. Giving you that extra bit of help should you for example suffer from a fall from height.

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