Essential Business Legal Cover

Providing legal services and insurance, Essential Business Legal covers legal expenses if your business is involved in certain legal disputes. Alongside the core legal expenses insurance, Essential Business Legal provides a range of services and benefits your business.

Features include confidential Legal Advice on business matters with 24/7 access to a legal helpline, a dedicated Tax Advice line to assist with all tax-related issues, a Counselling Helpline staffed with trained counsellors to provide employees with help and support over the phone and online Business Legal Services allowing for you to personalise and download a wide-range of legal documents.

Essential Business Legal responds to a generous range of legal disputes that can arise from your clients’ day-to-day business activities.

What kind of cover is available under Essential Business Legal?


  • Employment Protection and Compensation Awards which provides protection from disputes with past, present or prospective employees, including payment of legal costs and compensation awarded by the courts.
  • Tax Protection which covers a formal aspect or full enquiry into your clients’ business tax affairs, PAYE compliance disputes and appeals against an assessment by HM Revenue and Customs relating to VAT.
  • Property which pursues legal claims relating to physical property damage, nuisance or trespass, and recovery or repossession of property from an employee or ex-employee.
  • Compliance and Regulation which helps to defend the insured from business-related prosecution, civil action brought under the DPA and provides cover to appeal against a decision to cancel suspend or restrict the terms of a statutory licence.
  • Employees’ Extra Protection which provides cover to defend employees against civil actions alleging unlawful discrimination, pension fund trustees cover and cover to pursue a claim if they are injured while on business.
  • Contract and Debt Recovery to protect you if a customer or supplier doesn’t fulfil a contractual agreement.

Maximum amount payable: £100,000

Exclusions, limitations and excesses apply; please refer to the Essential Business Legal Policy Wording for full details. For more information about this specialist cover, please contact our dedicated insurance specialists.