Understanding Goods in Transit Insurance

Many businesses need to transport goods from one place to another but unfortunately goods can sometimes get damaged in an accident, or in some cases can get stolen.

Standard vehicle insurance often does not include much cover for the items you are carrying.

You may need Goods in Transit insurance instead to ensure your costs are fully covered, especially if you often transport items for others, such as if you run your own courier or haulage company.

What kind of cover is offered under Goods in Transit Insurance?

  • Loss, theft or damage to your property while in transit in vehicles owned, leased or hired by you
  • Damage caused by accidents in transit
  • Loss of or damage to materials and other goods for incorporation in the contract whilst in transit

It is important to make sure that your policy covers you for what you need, so carefully consider the value of goods that you transport to ensure you have cover in place for them.

Some policies also allow for cover abroad, while others may place a weight or value restriction on the items you can carry; speak to our insurance specialists for more information.

Need to arrange goods in transit cover? The head over to our GIT product page found here.