Understanding Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal Expenses insurance helps to fund the cost of legal advice and / or the costs of bringing or defending court cases that can arise from your day to day business activities. This is an optional cover providing protection for issues outside your standard Employers and Public Liability insurances.

It is not designed to pay you the actual damages that you are trying to cover through the court action, nor does it cover your liability to pay damages to others*, however, it will help to cover the costs involved with a claim.

Many insurers include Legal Expenses as standard in their policies, but it is worth checking to make sure that you have the cover in place with your business insurance policy.

What kind of cover is offered under Legal Expenses?

  • Legal and Tax Advice
  • Counselling Helpline – trained counsellors provide employees with help and support over the phone
  • Business Legal Services Online – personalise and download a wide range of legal documents
  • Contract and Debt Recovery
  • Employment Protection and Compensation Awards
  • Employees Extra Protection
  • Tax protection
  • Compliance and Regulation
  • Property Disputes

Your Legal Expenses cover will help to insure you against the cost of Legal Expenses in the event of having to defend or pursue an event as detailed above.

* Employment Protection can often include the compensation award