Understanding Loss of License Insurance

In order to sell alcohol, premises need to have an appropriate alcohol license in order to operate within licensing laws. A license can be revoked or not renewed for a number of reasons including public safety, sale of alcohol to minors, and crime and disorder.

If you run or operate a pub, restaurant or shop that sells alcohol then you will need a license to do so. If, for some reason, you lost your license through no fault of your own, your business could suffer.

Thankfully, it is possible to take out Loss of License insurance as part of your business policy to cover yourself against any losses which may be incurred.

What kind of cover is available under Loss of License?

  • Loss of sales (less relative purchases) directly attributable to the loss of the liquor licence, andthe reduction in the value of the licensed premises – subject to certain exclusions
  • Loss of Licence cover can be included as an extension to your standard business policy. For more information contact our insurance specialists.