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Demolition operatives have all the fun, you’ll spend your time demolishing and dismantling old and derelict structures and buildings in a safe manner. But the work you do is full of risks, and as a demolition contractor you could potentially be working with hazardous material such as asbestos or chemicals. Working from height, surrounded by falling debris – it’s a high risk environment to be working in. Our demolition insurance is designed to cover the work you do and meet your businesses individual needs. With our bespoke insurance coverage we are able to tailor a policy to include Public and Employers liability insurance as well as additional covers as and when you might need them. For example we can help arrange insurance cover for the tools you might use such as hammer drills, oxyacetylene cutting equipment and plant machinery.

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Our Demolition Insurance Policy includes

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Public Liability insurance cover

A must have for any demolition contractor, with a public liability policy in place your business is protected from claims made by members of the public involving injury, or property damaged caused by your business.

Legal Protection cover

Legal expenses cover is necessary if you wish to protect your business from the costs associated with court and any related legal expenses. We can provide legal cover as a standard part of your Employers liability or public liability policy or as an optional add-on to cover situations such as Contract & Debt Recovery, Employee Disputes and Tax Investigations.

Employers Liability cover

Necessary as a legal requirement if you employ people within your business, employer’s liability cover protects your business against claims made by your workforce for injuries sustained while on site.

Owned and Hired in Plant Insurance

Cover for against theft or damage to your own plant as well as additional cover available for hired in plant.

Equipment Damage cover

This covers you for the cost of replacing any damaged, lost or stolen equipment.

Contract Works or Contractors All Risks cover

Contract Works or Contractors All Risks cover will insure your construction, materials, hire in plant and your own tools and equipment. The policy will also cover temporary buildings and the additional labour costs needed to rebuild the work previously completed.

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Why you need Demolition Insurance

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As a demolition expert, you’ll appreciate the fact the work you do is high risk. So you’ll want to ensure that you have the correct insurance policy in place for the specific needs of your demolition business. Accidents can and do occur whilst undergoing demolition work and damage to people or property can be hugely expensive. Your business is unique and thus will have its own individual risks which a bespoke demolition insurance policy will cater for. If for example the worst does happen, you can ensure your business is able to proceed and continue to operate through any disruption, with our demolition insurance cover offering the ultimate peace of mind for you and your business.

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Why choose The Insurance Octopus?

Our Insurance team will be able to discuss your unique needs as a demolition contractor. The work you do requires care, with many risks involved in the job you do. We will look to compare quotes from major UK insurance providers giving you access to the best deals and quotes available. Your policy will be bespoke and offer the cover you need at the right price. We can provide you with your business insurance and documents on the same day in most cases, offering a range of flexible payment options, including Direct Debit. Speak to our team today for a quote.

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