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What is tradesman insurance?

Flexible insurance for over 900 different trade types

Let’s face it. Regardless of whether you’re a carpenter, cleaner, contractor, plumber or electrician, there’s not a tradesman alive that hasn’t encountered a hazard in their line of work. From slips, trips, cuts and falls through to the dangers associated with working at height, being a tradesman is no easy feat, and not a role that one should take lightly. It’s not just your personal safety you have to think about. The well-being of your clients should also be a top priority, as should the state of their personal property. Even if you’re the most conscientious of tradesmen, mistakes do happen and unforeseen circumstances can lead to loss of control. Take back that control with Tradesman Insurance from The Insurance Octopus, and ensure that your business and your clients are always protected.

With glowing testimonials from a whole host of tradesmen including bricklayers, painters, decorators and kitchen fitters, as well as a specialist insurance team who always go above and beyond for our clients, we’ll ensure that your Tradesman Insurance policy is the right one for you. Whether you’re in need of professional indemnity insurance, tradesman tool insurance, business equipment insurance, personal accident cover or contracts work cover, we’ll go through our range of tradesman insurance quotes and help you find the right one for you. Should you ever need to update your policy or make a claim, we make this easy too, and are always there should you need any further support.

To learn more about our range of tradesmen insurance policies, please get in touch with us today on 0161 968 2060.

What Hazards Do Tradesmen Face?

Tradesman must be their own safety officer and supervisor, always on the lookout for potentially dangerous situations. Even if they have 20 years’ of experience, the location for each job or project is different every time, as are the specific requirements and the risks involved. Adopting safe working practices, which includes risk assessments, using the proper equipment and ensuring the protection of both yourself, your employees if you have them and your clients is of the utmost importance, as is knowing the dangers you may face while on the job. What follows are hazards that you should be aware of, so that you can prevent them from happening in the first place:


According to Alcumus, on average 1 in every 3 construction workers are electrocuted each year during refurbishment work on commercial and domestic buildings, and this extends to tradesmen who work near overhead power lines and cables. There is also a growing number of plumbers, joiners and decorators who carry out electrical work as part of their projects, but face electrocution due to not being qualified or understanding the dangers of working with electricity. Along with power tool malfunctions that cause burns, psychological damage and sometimes, even death, electricity is not an element to take lightly.

Slips, Trips, & Falls

With the diverse range of activities that go on during your working day, the likelihood of both your clients and team members slipping, tripping and falling is extremely high. Whether it’s caused by liquid spills, hazardous chemicals, insufficiently stored stock, materials and equipment or even scaffolding and holes in the ground, these hazards can cause pain, injuries and even hospitalisation, which will require compensation on your part.

Working At Height

Improper precautions when it comes to working at height could lead to unnecessary risks including a higher rate of fatalities. Even from low heights of a metre, broken bones, loss of consciousness and objects falling from above can leave you and your employees out of action for quite some time. Along with deterioration of the structure itself and uneven edges and structures at varying heights, there’s a lot of opportunity to severely hurt yourself up there.

Power Tools

If you work regularly with hand-held or hand-guided power tools such as concrete breakers, sanders, disc cutters and chainsaws, then you risk damage to your nerves, blood vessels and joints in the hands, wrists and arms, not to mention loss of fingers. This type of life-changing injury may stop you continuing your trade, and therefore you should always try to be as careful as possible. Taking note of safety instructions, disconnecting tools when not in use and maintaining your tools with care is always a good start, as is wearing appropriate clothing.

Weather-Related Hazards

Working as a tradesman often means working outdoors, making weather conditions an important factor in your work environment. High winds and gusts can be unpredictable, taking you off guard and blowing your tools around. Slippery surfaces because of rain can lead to slips, trips and falls, especially if you’re not wearing the right footwear. Hot weather can also lead to heat stroke, heat exhaustion and heat rash. Nature can truly take its toll.

Moving Objects

Especially significant for builders and contractors, moving plant and machinery can be a dangerous health and safety hazard, causing injuries including: body parts can get trapped between rollers, belts and pulley drives; sharp edges can cause cuts, severing injuries, stabbing and puncturing of the skin, as well as friction and abrasion; people can be crushed between moving parts, between a fixed part of a machine and wall, and even between two parts moving past each-other, causing shearing. Having an impact on both physical and mental health, they can all truly take their toll.

As well as the risks associated with material handling, airborne fibres and heat-based equipment, including blow torches and soldering irons, there’s a lot that you, as a tradesman, should take into consideration when operating onsite.

Why You Need Tradesman Insurance

Our Tradesman Insurance can protect you from loss and damage to your tools and materials, as well as that done to plant and machinery owned and hired in by you. Along with covering claims brought against you by clients due to accidental harm and damage caused to them and their belongings, it can be an expensive endeavour, and one that could cause the ruin of your business if not handled correctly. Having appropriate Tradesman Insurance is therefore paramount to future success, and not letting the events of the past effect it. 

You Should Choose Tradesman Insurance From The Insurance Octopus Because:

  • We cover a variety of trades, and necessary equipment, including but not limited to: diggers, mini diggers, cherry pickers, concrete mixers, cranes, dozers, dumpers, excavators, mini excavators, forklifts, generators and loading shovels.
  • You have peace of mind knowing any unexpected event won’t impact your capacity to work for long, as compensation will be sought as swiftly as possible.
  • It shows a duty of care to your customers, clients, staff and members of the public, as well as covering your medical expenses should you suffer an accident (dependent on cover).
  • If you ever need to update your policy, need help making a claim or need some guidance on a new endeavour that requires insurance, our team are always on hand to help, and are always happy to do so.

Choosing The Insurance Octopus ensures the needs of your team, your business and your clients are always taken care of. To discover how else we can meet your needs, please get in touch to discuss yours, and to create your bespoke tradesman insurance quote today.

‘’Not only was the quote almost half of what my last insurer was charging, but the service was top notch, and the guy I dealt with was very helpful, patient, and a pleasure to deal with.’’ – Paul McCandlish

The Trades We Cover

From bricklayers and builders through to plumbers and window cleaners, we cover over 900 trades here at The Insurance Octopus, and are therefore best placed to meet all of your insurance-based needs. We’ve helped window cleaners with tradesman public liability insurance cases, kitchen fitters with personal accident insurance claims and electricians with loss of materials and tools, so you can trust that we’ve seen it all, and can help you navigate the intricacies of any claim or lawsuit.

The trades we cover include, but are not limited to:

We know no two trades are alike, and neither are two tradesmen. To find out what also makes us different from other insurance companies, please get in touch with us today on 0161 968 2060.

Our Cover

We have built up strong relationships with a wide range of top-rated UK insurers, ensuring we can always negotiate prices and policies on your behalf. Our experience within the insurance market guides these discussions, ensuring you receive the correct policy for you and your business. Whether you’re a builder, plumber, painter or kitchen fitter, we can find the right policy for you.

Our highly-reputable team has over 50 years’ of experience between them, and can provide expert guidance and support when it comes to finding the right cover for you. We know not all decorators need product liability insurance. We know not all plumbers need to cover materials because some buy them as and when needed. We know that what you need is an insurance policy you can trust, and that’s exactly what you get when you take out a policy with The Insurance Octopus.

In a single policy, our Tradesman Insurance could cover a variety of the following:

Public Liability Insurance

Tradesman Public Liability Insurance covers you if you accidentally injure a member of the public, or damage their property. This could happen through various means; a client trips over a toolbox; someone gets hurt during a renovation; you accidentally damage a property’s existing fixtures and fittings; you destroy their property due to a malfunctioning tool. If a claim is made against you, tradesman public liability insurance will cover the legal and compensation costs you are required to pay, and we can provide cover as standard from £1 to £5 million, with higher limits available upon request.

Product Liability Insurance

Product Liability Insurance covers you should a product you have sold, supplied or installed causes unexpected personal injury or personal damage. If you own a catering business for example, a foreign object could be accidentally cooked in the food you’ve sold, causing a customer to choke or require medical assistance should they be allergic. If you’re a plumber, you could face a lawsuit if the pipe you claimed to have fixed causes flooding. Whatever the circumstance, you could be deemed legally responsible if you or your business repaired or altered the product, or if your business’s name is on the product. Product Liability Insurance covers you against these lawsuits and pays out compensation up to the limit on your policy.

Employers’ Liability

You may be as careful as they come, and follow every safety precaution, but all it takes is a few loose bricks, a faulty wire or piece of equipment for an employee to become seriously hurt. Your employees help to make your business the success it is, and therefore deserve to be compensated should they suffer an injury. It is a legal requirement for you to have at least £5 million cover to compensate your staff for any bodily injury, mental injury or other claims made against you, even if they are part-time employees. Our Employers’ Liability for tradesman comes with £10 million standard indemnity cover, so you know that you’re protected.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance covers the legal costs and damages you may be required to pay out if a client takes legal action against you, due to an error you have made. Whether you’ve given bad advice or created a poor design, Professional Indemnity Insurance covers you against this, as well as professional negligence and loss of confidential data. The smallest mistake can leave you open to the largest of claims, so it’s never worth taking the risk.

Tools and Business Equipment Insurance

Tools and Business Equipment Insurance protects you against any theft and damage, so that should the unexpected happen, you won’t lose money paying for replacements. Theft and damage can delay projects or mean you can’t complete jobs to the highest of standards, or worse still, stop you doing your work until you can afford new tools. If your tools and equipment have been taken after a break-in, from your van, or even been damaged on the job, Tools and Business Equipment Insurance can cover the replacement costs and help you to get back to work as soon as possible.

Personal Accident Insurance

Your safety is important to us, and therefore, it should be important to you too. Personal Accident Insurance provides compensation for accidents that include:

  • Loss of limbs or sight.
  • Permanent total disablement.
  • Temporary total disablement.
  • Temporary partial disablement.
  • Death.

We can help cover the cost of medical expenses, making the road to recovery as comfortable as possible. Covering you financially, you’ll receive either a lump sum or weekly benefit. Your trade doesn’t have to suffer, and neither do you.

Stock & Materials

Every carpenter, cleaner and contractor is different, but many rely on their cleaning supplies, timber, wood, joists and rafters, among other stock and materials, to carry out their work. Ingredients, plants and paints are just as important to caterers, gardeners and painters and decorators, as are wires, connectors and power supplies to electricians. Imagine how difficult your job would be without the stock and materials that make your projects successful, and how stressful it would be should they be stolen, damaged. Whether you’re looking to protect your stock or take out cover for your all-important materials, we can ensure that they are always kept safe, and provide compensation for any losses.

Loss of Money

You work hard for your money, so it can be pretty hard-going when it goes missing, or is stolen via unexpected, forceful or even violent means. To us, it doesn’t matter if you lose £200 or £2000, we’ll work tirelessly to give you your money back, so that business operations can continue as normal. Loss of Money covers you against these losses to maintain your financial stability, and ensure you’re never left out of pocket

We can provide cover for: money stolen during business hours; money stolen while in a bank night safe; money stolen while locked in a safe; money stolen while not in a locked safe while closed; and money stolen while in transit.

Legal Expenses

Legal Expenses Insurance ensures that you are financially covered should legal action be taken against you, or by you. Covering everything from legal and tax advice through to contract and debt recovery, Legal Expenses Insurance also covers costs incurred due to court dates, trials and representation. With employment tribunals also costing in the thousands, our insurance means your business never has to suffer due to costly cases.

Business Interruption

If you operate from a premises such as a yard or unit where you complete some of your work you may want to consider business interruption insurance. Designed to cover your business against any loss of income, Business Interruption Insurance can pay out for loss of gross profit, as well as for the costs and expenses incurred to reduce the impact on your gross profit, subject to your insurers specific terms and conditions. Our policies typically covers:

  • Profit: Any profits that would have been earned during the time you aren’t operational.
  • Disruption: Any power, telecommunications and water disruption costs caused by service providers.
  • Fixed costs: Any ongoing and continuous operating costs that you incur even though the business is not operating, which is based upon historical cost reports.
  • Temporary location: The expenses you may suffer due to having to relocate or operate from a temporary location.
  • Some additional expenses: With the reimbursement of ‘reasonable expenses’ that enable the business to continue its operations whilst the property is being repaired.

Own Plant & Hired In Plant

Own Plant Insurance provides compensation for any damage done to own plant, and cover is provided up to the sum insured shown in the quotation or schedule. We will pay the reinstatement value for damaged contractors’ plant that is up to one year old, otherwise we will pay the market value or the cost of repair. This cover also includes the hiring out of any insured plant.

Hired In Plant Insurance protects you against the legal liability for any damage done to hired in plant and any continuing hire charges. Cover is provided up to the limit of liability shown in the quotation or schedule. This includes damage caused by storms, flooding, water damage and malicious damage.

Contract Works

Contract Works Insurance not only protects you against events that stop you from fulfilling a contract, but also covers you financially should you need to carry out works again due to unexpected damage.

This cover can include:

  • The work in progress: Covers the work in progress up to the handover point when you cease to be responsible. 
  • The building materials being used in the project: Any materials that were used during the project, session or works.
  • Any temporary buildings: Including any site huts, portable toilets, fixtures and fittings.
  • Your plant, machinery, tools and equipment

Paying out compensation, Contract Works Insurance ensures you keep your pristine reputation and that your clients don’t suffer any losses due to delays or disruption as a result of an unforeseen event such as a fire of flood.

With so much to offer our clients, we know that we can create the right policy for your business. To discuss any of the options mentioned above and to discover what else we can offer you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 0161 968 2060. We’re only too happy to help.

Our Process: Choosing The Right Cover For You

Finding the right insurance can be a daunting process, especially when you’ve got a lot on your plate, such as projects to complete, new clients to visit and advertisements to take care of. How can you find the time to wade through quote after quote and insurer after insurer, when there doesn’t seem like there’s much that differentiates them? That’s where we can help. Taking the time to get to know you and your business, we will guide you, discussing your needs and find a policy that will keep you safe and your business protected, so that you can focus on more important matters.

To find your tradesman insurance quote, please click here. This useful application form asks for personal details such as your name, company’s name, telephone number and email address, as well as what your primary trade is, your annual turnover and whether you’ll require additional cover for functions such as tools, professional indemnity insurance, office equipment and hired in plant or own plant.

After you’ve completed the application form, we’ll go through it carefully, and then arrange a call with you to learn more about your requirements, and to discuss our range of policies in detail. We’re flexible, so will work around your schedule.

When we’ve taken you through our range of options, and you’ve chosen the policy that’s right for you, we’ll process all of the information you have provided us with, and cover will start immediately if required. You’ll receive your policy documents via email, and we can send you a physical copy should you like one.

When it comes time to renew your policy, we’ll contact you again via email and letter 1 month before your policy is set to end. If you would like to change or update your policy, please let us know and we’ll organise this for you before the renewal period begins.

Choosing your insurance policy doesn’t have to be a long-winded and frustrating process. We make it as easy as it can be, so if you’re a builder, carpenter, cleaner or electrician looking for Tradesman Insurance, and an insurance broker that can provide you with competitive quotes, then please contact us for your free no-obligation quote today.

‘’Very good and efficient in quotation and I’m very pleased with the customer service. Looked into the best option for my company with a personal touch.’’ – Andy Roberts

How To Make A Claim

When you need to make a claim, we know you need a supportive ear, and an insurance broker who can help with any queries and concerns you may have. No-one wants to have to claim, but when you do, we ensure a seamless process from start to end. Whether you’re claiming for loss of money, personal accident insurance, business interruption or product liability, we’re there to guide you through the process and make things as stress-free as possible.

Should you ever need to make a claim, please follow this process:

Report the event to your insurer using the claims number provided, taking note of key dates, times, important facts and information on what has happened. If something serious has happened, such as theft or malicious damage, please contact the police at once.

Then, check your insurance policy and ensure that you’re covered for what has happened.

When detailing the situation with your insurer, ensure you have your policy document, receipts for anything stolen or damaged and any information that you feel will help explain your case, and speed up the whole process.

Should your claim be unsuccessful, or if you run into any issues, we encourage you to call our team on 0161 968 2030 to discuss the matter further. Without judgement, we’ll listen to your case and try our best to rectify any issues. Please note however, that we can’t make any promises about any decisions made.

Your insurer will then process the claim swiftly and efficiently, and you’ll receive your compensation within a couple of days of your claim being settled.

The Benefits Of Tradesman Insurance

Tradesman Insurance from The Insurance Octopus is there to cover your business from risks such as public, product and employers’ liability, as well as provide personal accident insurance and protection for your tools and equipment. Especially, if tools, equipment and machinery are key to your operations, Tradesman Insurance ensures that the effect of losses on your business processes and practices is minimal and that you can get back to work in no time at all. Having the right Tradesman Insurance in place protects you, your team and your company from costly cases and the associated stress. Choosing an insurance policy from The Insurance Octopus also provides you with access to a leading panel of insurers that will help you to find and select the right level of protection. You shouldn’t have to pay for cover you don’t need, and with The Insurance Octopus, you don’t have to.

The Insurance Octopus can help everyone from bricklayers, builders, carpenters and cleaners through to contractors, electricians, gardeners and decorators with all of their insurance-based needs, and are dedicated to providing a solution that covers their business, and its functions, completely.

Why Choose The Insurance Octopus

We have been awarded the Feefo Gold trusted service 6 consecutive years in a row, highlighting our dedication to our clients, our team and the insurance industry as a whole.

Our personalised tradesman insurance policies are designed for ease of additions, removals, increases or decreases. We can create a Tradesman Insurance policy that comprises the cover you need, without the unnecessary costs.

Because we’re an independent commercial insurance broker, we’re not just limited to just one direct insurer or underwriter. We have a panel of over 25 UK insurance partners that we work closely with, ensuring that we can provide our customers with the best possible tradesman insurance quotes, based on their needs.

We offer flexible payment methods, and there are never any mid term adjustment fees or hidden fees within your policy. We’re transparent in our approach, and honest with you from the start. We ensure you know exactly what you are paying for, and how much you’re paying for your insurance.

Should you ever need to make a claim, we know the last thing you need is a seemingly never-ending process that just creates unnecessary stress. Therefore, we use insurers that make the claims process as simple as possible, so that any damage done, injury or theft is resolved in a quick and efficient manner.

Don’t be tricked by your trade. Secure the future of your business with a Tradesman Insurance policy from The Insurance Octopus. Get your quote today.

‘’The agent was brilliant. Explained everything very clearly. Was friendly, patient, and helpful. Made sure the call went smoothly and not once did I feel pressured in making a decision. Definitely would recommend.

‘’Good call-back scheduling, polite and relevant service, no up-selling, product seems to meet the description and paperwork prompt and complete. What more can I ask?’’ – Mark Barratt

Ways To Attract New Clientele

We know that many tradesmen rely on word of mouth marketing as a source of business, but wholly relying on this does limit your opportunities, especially in terms of new clientele. Gone are the days when handing out your business card or putting an ad in the local newspaper is enough to sustain continuous and future success, as your customers turn to the web for answers to their needs. If you’ve been looking for some guidance yourself on great marketing tactics, then we’re happy to provide them.

  1. Online marketplaces and directories: Allow potential customers to discover what you do, and let existing customers review the work you’ve done. Examples of tradesmen directories include, TrustATrader and Elite Trades.
  2. Review Websites: A great reputation booster, appearing on websites such as Checkatrade, Rated People and MyBuilder. Here your clients have an opportunity to leave testimonials and reviews, and show the world how highly they recommend you. 
  3. Social Media Profiles and Presence: A great place to showcase before & after images of your work, post photos of current projects, spark conversation about updates in your industry and post ads that can be targeted toward those looking for your services. Using suitable hashtags, such as #localtradesman, #builder, #designer, #cleaner and #contractor can also help people engage with your content too.
  4. Using Google My Business: This integrates features such as contact details, operating hours, reviews, maps and links to your online profiles to help potential customers find you when searching for your business
  5. A Website: According to extensive research conducted by Axa, 22% of people are suspicious of a tradesperson who doesn’t have a website or social media profile – rising to 31% among 25-34 year olds, a key demographic. Websites offer much opportunity for promote yourself and your services, for example through:
  • A homepage that explains who you are, where you work, your qualifications and who you can help.
  • A services page that details what you do, with images and testimonials that highlight your expertise.
  • A case study page that discusses recent projects and the success of them.
  • A contact us page that provides multiple ways for potential clients to get in touch with you and (if applicable), a map and directions to your business premises. 

With these tips and tricks of the marketing trade, you’ll be bringing in new clients in no time at all.


Get the answers you're looking for

In a single policy, what cover could be included?

Fully dependent on your trade and the industry in which you operate within, in a single policy, you could have: Public Liability, Product Liability, Employers’ Liability, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Tools and Business Equipment, Personal Accident Insurance, Stock & Materials, Own Plant, Hired In Plant, Contract Works, Loss of Money, Legal Expenses and Business Interruption Insurance.

What trades do you cover under your tradesman insurance?

Covering over 900 trades, a Tradesman Insurance policy with The Insurance Octopus can protect a variety of them, including, but not limited to: bricklayers, builders, carpenters, carpet cleaners, cleaners, contractors, electricians, gardeners, handymen, kitchen fitters, painters, decorators, plumbers and window cleaners.

Should you be of another trade, or you’re unsure whether we’ll cover you, please get in touch with us today on 0161 968 2060 and we’ll help you with any questions or issues that you may have, and consider the quotes we could provide you with.

As a tradesman, why might I need to make a claim?

You may be surprised by the number of hazards that you as a tradesman face. Even if you carry out concrete risk assessments before each and every job, and do your best to adopt safe working practices, you can’t always control what happens to you, regardless of how careful you are. You may need to make a claim due to:

  1. Personal Accidents: Whether that’s loss of limbs, temporary total disablement or permanent total disablement.
  2. Product Liability: Should the work you have done, or a product you have sold as part of your work causes personal injury or damage to your clients’ and their belongings.
  3. Loss of Tools, Machinery and Business Equipment: Should they be lost, damaged or stolen, replacement costs can be quite expensive.
  4. Loss of Stock & Materials: Damaged or stolen stock can really hinder your work, and ability to complete on time.
  5. Loss of Money: It can be pretty devastating losing your hard-earned cash, especially if it was stolen by forcible means. 

Along with claims brought out against you from employees, you may need to make a claim to protect you financially, and your business’s reputation and future operation.

What do I do if I need to make a claim?

Here at The Insurance Octopus, we want to make the claims process as easy as possible, because we know that when you need to make one, the smoother the process, the better. We firstly suggest reporting the event to your insurer using the helpline and claims number provided in your policy document. Your insurer will then process the claim as quickly as possible, and you’ll receive your compensation in due course.

Should you experience any issues, please get in contact with us at once, and we’ll do our best to argue your case on your behalf. We can’t promise we can overturn any decision made, though we’re always prepared to give it our best shot.

What should I do if my circumstances change during the period of insurance?

If your circumstances change during your period of insurance – for example – because you need to cover new equipment not currently featured on your policy, then please contact us so that we can check this with your insurers. Not updating your policy could mean you don’t receive compensation should you suffer a loss, leaving you with a costly expense. You can reach our customer services team on 0161 968 2030 if you ever require any guidance on this.

What are Octopus Rewards?

Because we value our clients and want to show our gratitude for their business, all of ours can benefit from Octopus Rewards, which provides them with discounts and savings that helps them to save money

These great rewards include:

Along with access to our specialist team of insurance experts, Octopus Rewards are another great reason to choose The Insurance Octopus for all of your tradesman insurance needs.