Subcontractor Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance for subcontractors

Tradesman and Contractor Insurance

Our subcontractors insurance is designed for bona fide subcontractors to help protect you either as an individual or as a business entity from potential claims arising from the work you do.

Claims can arise unexpectedly and for differing reasons, from injury to an employee or member of the public to instances of property damage.

As a subcontractor you will likely find yourself open to all manner of risks and hazards while working for the main general contractor, so an insurance policy starting with public liability insurance is essential to protect and secure your business.

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What does Subcontractor Insurance include?

Tradesman and Contractor Insurance

Core Covers

Public Liability Insurance

A must have for any subcontractor, Public liability insurance protects you and your business if injury, or property damaged is caused by your business. With coverage at £1 million, £2 million and £5 million available, with higher amounts also available upon request.

Employers Liability cover

It’s an unfortunate reality but accidents can and do happen, so protect your business against accidents in the work place involving employees with Employers liability cover. Remember if you have people working for you then employer’s liability insurance is legally required. The health and safety of your employees is your responsibility so it’s important to take necessary precautions to ensure their wellbeing.


Contract Works or Contractors All Risks cover

Contract Works or ‘Contractors All Risks’ insures your work plus materials, should they be damaged or stolen.

All Risk Insurance

All Risk Insurance protects your possessions away from your business premises or home.

Third party Property Damage cover

This is an extension of public liability insurance and covers you for any damage you or your employees cause to the clients/third parties property you are working on.

Equipment Damage cover

Cover in the event your tools or equipment are damaged, lost or stolen equipment.

As a subcontractor you’ll be tasked with carrying out specified work within a project. Hired by a general contractor you will be working on either a labour only or bona fide basis. If you are hired as a labour only contractor you’ll be included in the general contractor’s insurance policy. However those subcontractors operating on a bona fide basis will require their own policy.

As a bona fide subcontractor you will be working without the supervision of the general contractor, and may in fact supervise a crew of your own. You will be responsible for carrying out your own risk assessments and supply their own materials, equipment and tools.

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Subcontractor insurance cover in action

Tradesman and Contractor Insurance

A subcontractor working on a bona fide basis for a main contractor is carrying out work at height on a building site. While working on the site one of the subcontractor employees accidently drops a brick which happens to land on a member of the public.

What was covered?

With a subcontractor policy in place the subcontractor firm in question should be covered for the impending claim for compensation, medical and legal expenses and other necessary costs incurred.

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